No matter when you start learning, it's not too late.

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Quora question: is twenty-six too old to become a developer?

One question from Quora: Will it be too late to start development at the age of 26?

My answer:

The simple answer is "absolutely not ".

The simple answer is, "none at all ".

The complex answer, I want to share you a real story which is happening around me.

Let's talk about a slightly more complex answer. I want to share a real story with you and it will happen to me.

Several years ago I knew a 26-years-old guy who works as a market commissioner. market commissiner is a boring and low-paying job in China. one day he asked me weather he is too old to study programming? He wanted to change his job because programmer is a decent
Work with higher incoming. "Sure, no problem", I answered. and I suggested he start from PHP language, a skill ages specific to Chinese Internet companies. he accepted my advice and started reading PHP documents ents and studying by following the official

A few years ago I met a 26-year-old guy who worked as a marketing specialist. In China, market specialists are a boring and low-wage job. One day, he asked me if it would be too late to start learning programming. He wants to change jobs because programmers are decent jobs with low incomes. "Of course it won't be too late, no problem," I answered him. Then I suggest him start learning from PHP, because Chinese Internet companies still lack PHP talents. He accepted my opinion and read the PHP document and then the official tutorial.

He did find a coding job after 4 months, although the salary was't very high, however, he becomed a programmer! He was gglad and worked hard to improve his technical level, then, he got another job at a bigger company after half a year. Then just after one year
Later, another large company asked him to join them. Today he is really a good programmer. Can you imageine that he started from a market commissioner?

Four months later, he found a coding job. Although his salary is not very high, he really became a programmer! He is very happy and strives to improve his technical skills. Half a year later, he found a job in a bigger company. Just one year later, another big company invited him to join them. Now he is a very good programmer. Can you imagine him as a marketing specialist?

Yes, programming is not easy. A good programmer has to learn a lot, for example: Mathematic, arithmetic, data structure, OS... And master several programming versions. But this is not the full story. The aim of programming is solving problem. In parallel cases,
The problems that you are facing don't appear to be so difficult, which can be solved easily and don't need so much knodge dge and skill. so if you do not remain satisfied with this, you wowould continue to improve through the continuous learning and experience.

Yes, programming is not an easy task. A good programmer needs to learn many things, such as mathematics, algorithms, data structures, operating systems ...... You have to master several programming languages. But this is not all about programming. The purpose of programming is to solve the problem. In most cases, the problems you face are not very difficult. You can solve them easily without a lot of knowledge and skills. However, if you are not satisfied with the status quo, you can improve yourself by constantly learning and accumulating experience.

This is an age when people live far longer, we all have opportunity to keep learning something new for decades, and get what you want one day. I believe it's never too late to start studing anything.

In this era, as long as we are still alive, we have the opportunity to learn new things and get what you want. I believe that it will not be too late to start learning anything at any time.

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