No one pays for your life

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In a high school in Conway, USA, there are two children climbing the mountain, a Chinese child, an American child, and the mountains they choose are more dangerous because the rocks often collapse during weathering.

When the two children were down, it was unfortunate that they had collapsed, and two children were trapped on both sides of the rock and gravel, and the American child was crushed by gravel and hurt his heart and lungs, and he judged his leg fractured.

It was soon dark and dark like a giant beast that swallowed the whole world. At night, they could be frostbite or even take life, the American boy tried to prop up his body with his hands, slowly crawling like a rock, his wounded legs had been bleeding, blood stained red the whole rock, and was about to climb the largest rock. He hit the edge of the rock with a sharp pain that shook the hand of the rock and dropped it again. The wounded American child was almost desperate, lying in a heap of big mouth panting, but more than 10 minutes later, his body began to numb with cold, reminding him that he must go out, that this time the American boy successfully climbed the rock, but the rock was two or three meters above the ground, and he could not land a smooth landing, Just close your eyes and let the body roll down, no one can imagine how the child insisted on crawling back to town, he told others calmly about the location of his danger, time and said that a Chinese child is probably still there.

After examination, the American child in the leg tibia fracture, and then rolled down from the rock, the rib was hit also broken two, the body collided with countless wounds and bruises, people sent him to the hospital, and then to save the Chinese children, Chinese children were found when the cold and fear of dying, It is likely that you will lose your life later.
Why is that American kid stronger than a Chinese kid?

In fact, the reason is simply unbelievable, just because the Americans go out to eat is AA system, they will tell the child a must AA reason, that is no matter what, no one in life for you to pay, even if your parents, love will not, so this American children know to live must rely on their own
No matter how dangerous it is. Chinese children have been too much help in the face of danger even if it is not action will lose their lives he also habitually waiting for other people's rescue.

"No one to pay for you" simple sentence but shaped the American independent struggle character, I read this article, I want to tell the story of my child, if the netizen also like the words can also tell your children, but also to tell them: although sometimes money is not a problem, help you is not a problem, but no man for you to pay, Let the child learn self-reliance and strong!

No one pays for your life

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