[No000044] Are you stupid enough to leave the best for the end?

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I want to write this article for a long time.

Because we have always felt that we have a problem, always like to save the best things to the last to enjoy, or wait until the end to others.

But people tend to overlook the crucial point that this best has a shelf life. Can say that people can have a happy trigger point, organic body, etc., will be with the arrival of this shelf life, slowly deterioration.

So why do people choose to have a bad life? Don't they know that it will make their quality of life very low?

I think they do not necessarily know, but never thought that a change of choice would make life better.

This is like a small garden next to open a beautiful flower, you do not see, but in the thought of breaking the bowl tomorrow how to do?

Then today's time to worry about tomorrow's broken bowl, until you want to see the flowers, the flowers have withered away.

You're not stupid, are you?

The lovers around you, you do not have a good life, but in the future he was thinking of the vicious beating himself.

Then angry with each other to break up, feel that the other party does not deserve the best of you. When your so-called best come, people are already cold heart.

You're not stupid, are you?

Always will oneself each kind of best thing, keep hold, naïve thought oneself finally can put a big recruit.

And put the best things out of every time.

You're not stupid, are you?

Take a bag of apples for example, if this bag of apples is allowed to eat only one per day, then:

There is a person who will choose the most red and best apples in the day, so he can finally eat most of the good apples;

And the other one found a rotten part of the apple every day to eat, because he wanted to save the good apples to the end, but he overlooked the point that the Apple will be bad, which leads him to never eat intact apples. Today rotten One, eat this rotten, tomorrow rotten another, eat that rotten, repeatedly, until finally, he also can not enjoy the best one.

Life is exactly the same as a full pocket of apples.

But people never wonder why they can only eat rotten apples when they open their pockets, but complain every day that their future life will be bad and uncomfortable.

That is because you obviously can choose to study hard, but every day the game lazy sleep.

That is because you can choose to quarrel after the good, but who also ignore who.

That is because you can improve your quality of life, but hard to live a bitter force.

Others say that they have suffered inhuman treatment before, so the future certainly has no good life, so now is not happy.

Also said that they are accustomed to a person's life, has been unhappy, and now there is no use to change.

But you can try Ah, you first try Ah, you take the initiative, you do not do your favorite things, how to know?

Perhaps they are not unaware, they are just waiting for others to help themselves change themselves.

There used to be a guy who worked in a factory and couldn't find a girlfriend.

So the coworkers helped introduce one.

The girl went to the boy to live in a place to see, everywhere are smelly socks, disorderly heap of clothes.

The girl hastened to find an excuse to leave, no more intercourse.

The young man thought he had the object to be able to become clean, to change his lazy problems, and then leave the best for each other.

But why wait until there is an object, or what can be done to correct it?

Now let yourself have a good way to live a bad life?

Is it bad for you to eat good apples now?

Why do you have to keep your so-called good in the back?

Doing things is so.

Love is also true.

Don't you know that things will go bad after the deadline.

Don't you know that most people can't afford to wait for an indeterminate thing?

Time is so precious, not to wonder how to live every day of the present, but all day dreaming of the future does not happen disaster.

You don't even know what you call good, and at the end of the day, you have no mood to look forward to and others will not accept it.

As a child I especially love to watch cartoons, but the home discipline is relatively strict, rarely to touch the TV, so that missed a lot of cartoons, then I secretly vowed to grow up to be sure to see these cartoons all over.

In a similar situation there are toys, I say I will have to buy a toy that can not afford a child once.

However, really to grow up later.

I am happy to be a child did not read the cartoons to find out, but a can not see, I have no longer to see these cartoons and joy to rejoice.

I was in the mood to find the toys I wanted to buy online and found that I didn't need them anymore.

It suddenly dawned on me that every time period there is something that you want to have in each time period, that you don't get it, you don't use it, and it doesn't make any sense to you after this time period.

Because of your state of mind, the feeling has changed.

What was thought to be good is now not as good as it is imagined.

Then why don't we enjoy it early.

As many old people's so-called frugal life, I can understand, but I do not agree.

For example, many have been accustomed to the hardship of the old man, always buy the family's fruit and meat hidden, reluctant to eat, put in the refrigerator and put.

But I still have to eat every day.

For example, the family bought one weeks of fresh food.

Every day you can eat fresh, comfortable until the end to eat, but they do not want to.

They would rather eat leftovers every day, and so on, the original fresh ingredients into leftovers, and continue to eat, until the end, all the fresh is alive into the rest.

Why bother yourself?

Obviously can live better ah.

Obviously can make every day better, every day can eat fresh food ah.

Why do you have to wait until the expiration of stale to eat it?

Don't you think it's a pity that the best ones are so alive and the worst?

Although it is known that most of their stress comes from every uncertain and frightened future.

But this kind of future and uncertainty did not happen to you today.

Can not you understand in the end.

The best youth cannot be left to last.

The best feelings are not left to last.

The best life can not be left to the last.

Although it is known that they tend to form such a concept in their minds.

What if you have a bad day? What if you have a bad day? How about a bad day in the future?

But they should have understood it long ago.

That is today's time belongs to today's you, your responsibility is to make it good, and tomorrow's time belongs to tomorrow's you, does not need today's you to worry about.

[No000044] Are you stupid enough to leave the best for the end?

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