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What is node?

Node is a server-side JavaScript interpreter that will change the concept of how the server should work. Its goal is to help programmers build highly scalable applications and write connection codes capable of handling tens of thousands of simultaneous connections to a single (one) physical machine.

These are the more official explanations. In short, it is the equivalent of a development platform, but this platform and its humble, the official no IDE (in fact, it is not necessary), it does not need a container to run like PHP, all the development, debugging, management, publishing and other tools are the folk's own hands-on products, So it also explains why its goal is to help programmers build highly scalable applications.

Come in and find node has a lot of programs ape into the pit. node because it is not a packaged product, from development to release need to touch a lot of tools, commands and other people publish the "middleware" (in fact, do not provide tools, I prefer to call library), requires a wide range of theory and experience to navigate, including but not limited to functional programming, asynchronous programming, Linux commands, NPM Tools, GitHub (source code and documentation for most middleware here), HTTP, sockets, Process management, distributed (which I don't understand), etc. Causes people to write different styles of object-oriented, process-oriented code, inevitably encountered a variety of problems (pits).

So, with my hundred pass without the same fine ability to do a tutorial. On the one hand to consolidate their posture, on the one hand for new into the pit of children's shoes pits. Whether you have found a new pit or a bug in the tutorial you are welcome to point out that I will follow up these new pits in the following tutorial.

PS: Because I am halfway decent, the theoretical part of everyone should not be serious, I also try not to write some pure theory of things to mislead everyone.

First issue: node pits tutorial--helloworld

Node pits Tutorial--preface

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