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Life Big Bang version stone scissors cloth


"Problem description"

Stone scissors cloth is a common scissors game: Stone wins scissors, scissors wins cloth, Bushe stone. If two people punch the same, then dead heat. In the 8th episode of the second quarter of the Big Bang, a new version of the rock-and-scissors-cloth game appeared. The upgraded version of the game is based on the traditional stone scissors cloth game, adding two new gestures:

Spock: One of the leading stars of Star Trek.

Lizard Man: The reverse role in Star Trek.

The outcome of these five gestures is shown in table one, and the table shows the results of a pair B game.

Table A stone scissors cloth upgrade version of the outcome relationship


    A to B




lizard man






Span style= "font-family: italics;" > lose






Span style= "font-family: italics;" > lose







lizard man








Now, small A and little B try to play this upgraded version of the scissors game. They are known to have a cyclical pattern, but the cycle length is not necessarily equal. For example: If small a punches with a 6-length cycle of "stone-cloth-stone-scissors-lizard Man-Spock", then his punch sequence is "stone-cloth-stone-scissors-lizard man-rock-stone-cloth-stone-scissors-lizard man-Spock-......", and if little B takes " Scissors-stone-cloth-lizard Man "The length of the 5-period punch, then his punch sequence is" scissors-stone-cloth-the lizard-man-scissors-stone-cloth-rock-lizard man-...... "

It is known that small A and small b are scissors for n times altogether. Each winning person has 1 points, loses 0 points, the draw two people both have to have 0 points. Now, please count the scores of the two people after the N-times scissors ended.


The input file name is

The first line contains three integers: N,NA,NB, representing the period length of a total of N times scissors, small a punch, and the period length of the small B punch. The number and number are separated by a space.

The second line contains Na integers, representing the law of small a punch, and the third line contains NB integers representing the law of the small B punch. Among them, 0 means "scissors", 1 means "stone", 2 means "cloth", 3 means "lizard Man", 4 means "rock". The number and number are separated by a space.


The output file name is Rps.out.

Output a row, containing two integers, separated by a space, representing the score of small A and small B respectively.

"Input and output Example 1"


10 5 6

0 1 2) 3 4

0 3 4 2 1 0

6 2

"Input and output Example 2"


9 5 5

0 1 2) 3 4

1 0 3) 2 4

4 4

"Data description"

For 100% of data, 0 < n≤200,0 < na≤200, 0 < nb≤200.

In this way, directly simulate the results of each scissors ... Time complexity O (n), spatial complexity O (n)

However, in the examination room, the brain hole a bit of capital a least common multiple ... It's okay anyway AC on the line ...

Time Complexity O (LCM (NA,NB)) ...


1 Const2WinArray[0..4,0..4] ofboolean=3 ((false,false,true,true,false),4 (true,false,false,true,false),5 (false,true,false,false,true),6 (false,false,true,false,true),7 (True,true,false,false,false));8 9 varTenB:Array[0..40001] ofLongint; OneC:Array[0..40001,1..2] ofLongint; A N,na,nb,nc,ans1,ans2,i,now:longint; -  - functiongcd (x,y:longint): Longint; the begin -   ifXMoDy=0 -      Thengcd:=y -     ElseGCD:=GCD (y,xMoDy); + End; -  + procedureRead_ready; A begin at readln (N,NA,NB); -    fori:=1  toNa Do - read (a[i]); -    fori:=1  tonb Do - read (b[i]); -   ifNa>NB in      Thennc:=gcd (NA,NB) -     Elsenc:=gcd (Nb,na); toNc:=na*nbDivNC; +    fori:=1  tonc Do -     begin thea[i]:=a[(I-1)MoDna+1]; *b[i]:=b[(I-1)MoDnb+1]; $     End;Panax Notoginseng End; -  the procedureChushihua; + begin AFillchar (A,sizeof (a),0); theFillchar (b,sizeof (b),0); +Fillchar (C,sizeof (c),0); -ans1:=0; ans2:=0; $ End; $  - procedureWork ; - begin thec[0,1]:=0; c[0,2]:=0; -    fori:=1  tonc DoWuyi     begin theC[i,1]:=c[i-1,1]; -C[i,2]:=c[i-1,2]; Wu       ifWin[a[i],b[i]] ThenInc (C[i,1]); -       ifWin[b[i],a[i]] ThenInc (C[i,2]); About     End; $Ans1:= (nDivNC) *C[NC,1]; -Ans2:= (nDivNC) *C[NC,2]; -N:=nMoDNC; -Inc (Ans1,c[n,1]); AInc (Ans2,c[n,2]); +Writeln (ANS1,' ', ans2); the End; -  $ begin the Chushihua; the Read_ready; the Work ; the End.

NOIP d1t1-life Big Bang version of stone scissors cloth

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