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How does the Nokia Care Suite uninstall completely? Nokia Care Suite This software can not be directly upgraded to install, need to manually uninstall the previous version, then the problem, how to complete the uninstall of the software it. From the name of this software can also be seen that this is a suite, there are a series of software needs to uninstall, detailed see the tutorial.

Care Suite 5.0 New features:

-The new version named This means that the user needs to uninstall all old care Suite PST 5.0 versions before installing a new version.

(Application update (application update) cannot be upgraded from an older version to a new version. For example: Upgrade from 2013.49.3 to

Note: If the care Suite is not working properly, you will need to manually uninstall the older version again, Win7 32-bit systems follow the following steps:

Select Start-> Control Panel-> programs and features-> uninstall the following applications from the list of programs (if no installation can be skipped)

Nokia Service Layer

Nokia Care Suite (all versions)

Nokia Mobile USB Device Driver

Nokia Mobile Phone Driver

Nokia flashing Cable Driver

Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver

Nokia 3806 USB Driver

Nokia Software Updater

Nokia Software Updater Pro

FLS-4 Driver Installation

Fuse Drivers

Winusb Drivers (all versions)

  Reboot the computer.

Delete the following folder (if it is not available to skip):

C:Program Filesnokianokia Care Suite

C:Program filesnokiatroubleshooting

C:Program Filesnokiaenvira

C:Program Filesnokiazunedrivers

C:Program Filesnokiaphoenix (optional, if Phoenix is installed, you need to uninstall Phoenix first)

C:Program filesnokiaconnectivity Cable Driver

C:Program Filesnokia3806_usb_driver

C:Program FilesCommon Filesnokiafuse

C:Program FilesCommon Filesnokiaservice Layer

C:Program FilesCommon FILESNOKIATSS


C:programdatanokianokia Care Suite


C:users[username]appdataroamingnokianokia Care Suite

  Reboot the computer.
Install the Care Suite.

-Support for new products: RM-969, RM-970, RM-971, RM-986, RM-987

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