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Nokia interview experience ZZ

I got an offer from Nokia the day before yesterday and have been hesitant to write an article. I don't know if my experience is informative. Because my job is different in different departments, my job is different, there may be differences between different interviewees. However, since many people send emails to ask questions, I decided to share my Nokia interview experience, I hope it will be helpful to you :)

My trip to Nokia started with the Nokia link I saw on beiyou's employment website a month ago. I just gave them my resume with a try, and of course I got N positions, later I went to the interview and I did not remember that I had voted.

About a week later, I received an invitation interview. It was sent via email. I can see that I am a foreigner, and my position is technical support. I didn't think too much at the time, because I was busy preparing for an Intel interview a few days ago, I only tried to interview foreigners. I had to interview at a.m.. I didn't expect the interview manager to pick me up in person, (Later, I knew that she was not working in this building, but because she was afraid that the interviewer could not find the room for an interview.) I felt very warm and even flattered, it should be noted that foreign companies generally have very punctual interviews, especially for foreign companies. Therefore, you must not be late. Even if you are late, you are very embarrassed, you can only sorry & thank you for your patience. The interview manager is a very elegant Finnish mm with a very friendly attitude. You don't even feel like chatting with friends during the interview, I mainly asked some background, experience about the job requirements, because I interviewed technical support for 2G & 3G, core PS domains, she is more interested in my internship at CMCC. The problem is also concentrated on the project experience. Because it is a foreigner, it is necessary to have full English, but Finnish mm is still quite tolerant and my English is not very good, she also encouraged me to speak well and suddenly gained a lot of confidence. On the other hand, I had a technical interview. The Finnish technical experts were lucky because he was not in China, I used mail to ask a few questions, and sent them back to pass. It may also be because my internship experience matches their requirements.

Then there is HR assessment, which is Nokia's human evaluation. It may not be the same as other foreign companies. It is a comprehensive evaluation of people's quality and should last for a whole day, this link will still attract people. Before I went there, I also searched the internet. I knew that it was mainly a zoo project. I thought Nokia would also change. The result showed that I was wrong. I still went to the zoo, haha, there are four parts of the evaluation: the zoo + the Chile test + the EQ test + the HR interview. The first three items are relatively fixed. I will be lazy and paste them with others :)

At the beginning of the human resource evaluation, we asked six of us to build a theme Zoo. The general meaning is: there is a small island, surrounded by water, there are two towns on the opposite side, you can buy the town's land, but the island must be built into a zoo, the island's forest can be cut down, however, it will eventually take several years to make a profit, report your plan to the board of directors, and persuade them to invest. The examiner will give you five minutes to think about your plan. If you have any questions, ask her. At this time, you 'd better ask a question. Even if it doesn't matter, you should know that this is a good opportunity to attract their attention and prove that you have an idea. Next is the collective discussion time of half an hour. At this time, you must show a certain degree of group cooperation ability, because this is Nokia's most important. Sometimes, you need to consider putting your opinion closer to the collective opinion, because this is an interview and the time is limited. It is not like discussing or sticking to your opinions in actual work. In this process, whether you are the most important person is irrelevant. The key is that your voice is consistent with that of the team. Then, the HR staff will ask you to select a representative, report to the examiners. Of course, there is only one report. It doesn't matter if you are yourself. But you need to add key questions when you are critical. If you report, your opinions must represent your opinions. When the examiner challenges some questions, your chances will come, because this is a good opportunity to stand up when your team is in difficulty. Of course, in the face of wrong questions, being brave enough to handle errors is also a good performance.

At the end of this project, HR asks everyone to score themselves out of 10 points, and then asks the reason for scoring one by one. It should be noted that Nokia does not require you to be able to perform well and it requires the right person, so do not put pressure on you during the interview. If it is yours, it will certainly be yours.

IQ test. HR will give you a question book. Everyone is the same. Each question is a graph. HR asks you to select a graph that matches the requirements of the answer paper according to the answer paper, of course, it should be completed within 15 minutes. From my point of view, Nokia's IQ testing is very unscientific. The answer book is used to evaluate the IQ of Nokia. That is to say, the questions are the same for any position, department, and question. This can be confirmed by some evaluation articles written by others on the Internet. The other one is full of graphics, and there is no other type of questions. This is definitely not scientific. Is it impossible to do technical work for a blind color? If you are not sensitive to graphics, you may be passive.

In the afternoon, I sent out a bunch of examination papers, with 365 personality questions. It seems that I want to draw a curve to see if my talents meet the company's requirements, in short, you should try your best to be optimistic. They really value this. That personality test question, especially funny, also has the sentence question, for example, I think the woman ----------. My answer was that I thought women should be independent. There are a wide variety of answers, and I think women can survive. Women should rely on themselves ..... There are also 50 questions of intelligence testing. (You need to select the nearest graph ). I am confused. I have never known what this is all about. It is an intuition. The HR interview is conducted simultaneously, which is called out one by one, about 40 minutes each time.

Next is the last item-HR interview. HR will ask you: what is the most difficult thing you encounter? What do you expect from your leadership? What is your current reward? If I offer you an offer, do you think the two biggest problems in getting started ?...... And so on. You can find better answers to these questions on the Internet, but the most important thing is to answer them according to your actual situation. never lie! In addition, the answer process must show your team spirit. Do not always say "how am I doing. In addition, we should not overestimate Nokia's strength when making compensation.

Add some questions. Your Manager will also attend the zoo. We have Chinese characters in the first half of the time and English letters in the second half. You may also ask for English during HR interviews, if you are doing a good job in English when you are working on a project, you will not ask.

The above is my interview experience, may be relatively messy, these days by the cold + toothache pain in the torment :( so don't blame, before the Baidu, MS, Intel, Siemens, I think Nokia is the most humane and standardized one. I can really feel their people-oriented corporate culture, nokia will launch their first-year large-scale campus recruitment in December. As for the detailed information, I am not very clear. I will go through my internship in December, I will inform you of any information at that time. :) we can see that Nokia attaches great importance to the graduates of beiyou. I hope more buckets can join Nokia. I wish you all the satisfaction of offer ~

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