Non-destructive installation of leopard + XP dual-system on MacBook (three-segment XP)

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Non-destructive installation of leopard + XP dual-system on MacBook (three-segment XP)

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Recently bought mb466ch/a, pre-installed with leopard, but due to daily work needs to decide to install another XP. After using Boot Camp to easily install XP, the problem arises. XP has only one partition, and common partition tools such as pqmagic cannot be used, I checked the Internet because intel Mac uses the new GPT format, rather than the old MBR format disk partition table used by windows. If you have any problems, you have to find a solution. After some research, I finally installed a multi-partition XP on the MacBook. Now I will summarize the methods below:

1. Use the leopard system to install the disk. Before installation, select the disk tool from the tool menu for partitioning. the partitions are as follows:
(1) Mac OS Log Type
(2) Mac OS Log Type
(3) MS-DOS FAT32
(4) Mac OS Log Type
2. After formatting the hard disk, install leopard on the drive (4 ).
3. After leopard is installed, place it into the XP installation disk. Press the option key when restarting the gray screen and select the disc to start. Then install XP on the drive (3). Make sure to format it quickly before installation. Otherwise, a disk error occurs.
4. After installing XP, restart to enter leopard, and use the disk tool to wipe the (1) and (2) disk into the MS-DOS FAT32 format, XP has two more partitions.

I installed leopard and XP. Tiger and Vista can also be installed in the same way. If you want to install another Linux operating system, you can split disk (4) into another disk for installation. The method is the same as normal installation. Ubuntu can be easily installed, fedora must also be installed on the first four disks, and the graphic installation interface is not supported. We hope to make some improvements in fedora 11.
In addition, there is also a popular method for deleting the EFI protection partition (200 m) on the Internet. This method is destructive and cannot be installed on Mac OS in the future. It is not recommended. References:

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