Non-IDP instance debugging

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0. jailbreak.
1. Edit the all. xcodeproj/Project. pbxproj file. Use any software that can be edited. xcode can also edit or ue.
2. Search for iPhone developer and delete the two lines found.
"Code_sign_identity [SDK = iphoneos *]" = "iPhone developer ";
"Code_sign_identity [SDK = iphoneos *]" = "iPhone developer ";
3. xcode compiles device | release to generate build/release-iphoneos/all. App.
4. Copy all. app to/applications in ifunbox or iPhone folder.
5. delete/private/var/mobile/library/caches/COM. Apple. Mobile. Installation. plist
6. Restart the iPhone/itouch.
7. Change permissions: Use the iPhone terminal. If you cannot find this terminal, use ifile,
(Terminal method) Su
Chmod-r 755 all. app

Default password: Alpine
Alpine (Ifile Mode) Change the permission of the XXX. app folder to 775, but the number mark is not in ifile, but can be read and written. If you are not familiar with it, you can first review the Unix File Permission concept. Well, in this case, we can think of "755" as the representative: the owner can only extract rows (7), and the group can only extract and extract rows (5) globally, only the shard and shard rows can be retrieved (5 ). In ifile, you can navigate to XXX. APP directory (here is/application), click the blue arrow on the right to go to the file attribute settings, in the following table of access permissions, change to: User read, write, and execute; group read, execute, global read, and execute. In this way, it's OK. Try to see if your app can run.

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