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Download the vs2015, unfortunately the C disk is not enough space. After a search on the internet to find a adds very useful. Download link and how to use it now:

Friends who have not downloaded this "king of partitions" software can go to "Acronis Disk Director One home download, the King of partitions " to download. The reason why soft medium to this software to the title of the king of the partition, is the soft medium in 2007 when the Vista home was opened, the focus on the software.

Does not need to boot into the DOS interface or the WinPE interface, directly in your Win7, Vista, XP system down for each partition of the operation, merging, splitting, large and small, delete the new partition, etc., it is important that it support for your system disk (usually C drive) for direct operation. This is the system comes with Disk Management and some other software can not rival.

Safe, robust and reliable, so the software has been highly respected by the soft-ware small series. As for some people in the above article comments on what is only used in the PM drift, the small part is powerless to argue with what he, familiar with the Acronis and PM differences must be a smile.

Originally in Saturday will have this acronis Disk dircector Chinese use guide to sort out, but because of the small part of the day is too busy, the recent article update amount is quite a lot, so, postponed until today to tidy up, please everyone mo strange.

This Chinese guide mainly object-oriented is not accustomed to e-software friends, master friends please drift over, or give this article better suggestions or help correct, greatly appreciated.

One, Acronis Disk Director Home version of the installation

Acronis Disk Director 11 installation package is required administrator rights, the first time to run the download of the original installation package Add11h_trial_en-us.exe, the friends who open UAC will encounter a confirmation dialog box, click "Yes". XP user and administrator rights login Vista/win7 's friend is not visible in this dialog box.

Soft medium Small series of additional commentary, the appearance of this blue confirmation box, is that the installation program is with the official Microsoft recognized digital signature, such as the soft-home cube, Win7 optimization master, Vista Optimizer and other software. and Flash tour, cool point such software installation is not required by the administrator to execute.

If there is no digital signature, but also need administrator rights, then the dialog box is yellow, specific, you can see: "Detailed in Windows 7 improved User Account Control (UAC), there is this UAC caused by the dialog box color specific explanation, here no longer repeat, in short, everywhere is learned, It is still good to know which software has credible and reliable digital signatures, large companies, trustworthy software will certainly have digital signatures, the Yellow dialog box, we should be cautious. Trojan virus is not the application of such a digital signature, once the discovery will cancel the authorization of the company, so, again to remind you to download installed software contains a digital signature.

Click Yes later to enter the installation boot interface:

Because it is the latest version of the official release, Check for Updates will not need to point out, directly point to the second "install Acronis Disk Director Home" for installation. The third one, the Acronis Disk Director Home User's Guide, will download a PDF file, which is the official English version.

The following is the same as the normal program installation, all the way next.

After choosing Agree to agree to the user agreement, a Registration Code Entry window will come up, which isdownloaded from Acronis Disk Director home, the King of Partitions Small and medium-sized series released a serial number 32ymg9r8-cmklm7rt-5qhdl3nl-jzhsc6sx-pr4mw9ja-9eym59p7-dknbbwfl-72p9vx7k (sin sin, but the benefit of the people, alas), and then began to install.

The following steps are simple, select the installation folder, the default is C:\Program Files (x86) \acronis\diskdirector\, generally by default, continue next, select the current user or all users, after the Click Proceed to start the installation, general Select all Users can.

Depending on the computer configuration, the installation time is also different, small series of soft media for about 5 seconds to install, click the Close button.

This way, the desktop has a more than one Acronis Disk Director Home icon, well, because the need for administrator rights to execute, so Win7 and Vista system if UAC is turned on, the icon in the lower right corner with a shield logo. Although many people hate this shield logo, but, is really a Microsoft Win7, Vista security mechanism inside the important link, we must adapt to this, a look at the shield will know that such software needs high Authority to run, it is necessary to be vigilant next.

Small and medium-sized series still put in the soft media home products of several shortcuts, no it, advertising a bit, is that we support a small soft-medium daily hard code word and sorting out useful things to everyone.

Second, Acronis Disk Director home page Home version of the main interface

Just install the link veteran have basically skipped, but small part or try to get hands-on, after all, novice friends always accounted for the overwhelming majority.

Double-clicking on the Acronis Disk Director home icon on the desktop will still pop up a blue dialog box prompting the software to require administrator rights, and now you know that Microsoft's official license for digitally signed software is a blue cue box? Then there is a pretty splash screen, which is popularly known as the Welcome

interface as shown, well, after the run does not like the old version of the prompt you choose manual (manual) mode or automatic mode, in fact, the default interface is more like the previous automatic mode, more intelligent and stupid.

The left sidebar of the interface Tools project has two links: Acronis Recovey Expert and Acronis bootable Mdeia Builder, separate introduction:

1, you can click "Acronis recovey Expert" into the Acronis restore expert, the first screen on the Acronis Recovey expert form prompts the specific role of this feature:

Acronis restore experts allow you to completely restore your deleted volumes (partitions), and if your system does not start properly (crashes, virus infections, etc.), Acronis Restore experts will help you resolve problems that cannot be started and will help you restore your vital system partition table data. and help you restore the deleted partition, yes, so that your computer can again become normal startup.

How is it? Sounds good, but some people will have doubts, the system has collapsed, can't enter windows, how can this software help restore the failure? Oh, you can hang your hard drive on a different computer and fix it.

Below this form, write a paragraph, click on the Next button to continue, note that unless you click on the "Proceed" button in the process, Acronis Recovey Expert will not make any data changes to the system.

You can click the Next button to enter the following, there will be two modes for you to choose, Automatic mode (automatic mode) or Manual mode (manual mode), the general habit of choosing Manual mode, you can clearly manually select partition recovery work.

This Acronis Recovey Expert aside, the main talk today is how to partition the work.

2. Click "Acronis bootable Mdeia Builder" to enter an interface to create a startup disk, support Linux mode or WinPE mode, and you may be more comfortable with WinPE mode. So, in the next step you can click on the "Bootalbe Media type" drop-down box and choose "Windows PE".

Then, it will be converted to the Windows PE boot Disk Setup interface, which provides Windows PE 2.0/2.1/3.0 Windows AIK editions of Microsoft Official, for XP, Vista and Win7 systems. Acronis Bootable Media Builder will help you build your Windows PE boot disk with Acronis functionality.

When you are finished downloading AIK, use the WinPE files located in the folder I specify that option selected, then click Next to specify the folders where the WinPE file is located, below, Acroins will automatically help you build a WinPE boot image.

Well, here we go back to the main interface, which focuses on the partitioning capabilities of Acronis Disk Director's lossless data.

Three, Acronis Disk Director Home version of the partition Operation command

In the main interface, the left side of the sidebar tools section just described above, you can see in the operations there is empty, we randomly select a disk above, in this case C drive, Point, you will find the left side of the operations (Operation command) there is a lot of command list (special hints, on the C-disk Click the right mouse button, the menu also appears these commands), as shown:

The action list on the left lists the action commands that can be made on the currently selected partition--

Resize Volume: is the space readjustment of the current partition volume; This is obviously what most of the friends in this article need!!

Move Volume: Moving the current partition, and the concept of moving files, folders, as in the case of multiple hard drives, all the data of this partition is moved to the other hard disk (including the partition size setting is completely reserved, rather than just moving the data), If you want to move the current partition data to the same piece of hard disk other places, such as the D drive to the E-drive after the F-disk, you do not need this complex, directly modify the drive letter can be. Of course, the same hard disk, you can also specify to spare space to receive the data moved over the partition, this is generally not a big need.

Copy Volume: Copying the current partition, multi-drive and single-drive case, copy all the data from this partition into the free space (the partition size setting and the data inside is completely preserved in the past).

Merge Volume: This is the merge partition. You can merge multiple into one, and the data will be reserved for you.

Split Volume: instead of merging partitions, split the current divide into two partitions, you can transfer the folders and files to the new partition specifically, and the human nature also improves productivity. This function is also more commonly used, such as mentioned earlier, many of the newly bought brand machine hard drive only a C disk, then you can use the split volume function to split the partition, split into two or more hard disk partitions.

Add Mirror: Adding a mirror, the majority of people do not use, after all, to take out the current partition as large as the space to do the mirror, or the rest of the dishes.

Change Label: changes the current partition of the volume label, in fact, this in my Computer face partition renaming can be, this feature is chicken, but such a strong software does not provide this is not justified ah.

Change Letter : This in Windows7, Vista, XP Disk Management can also be done, is to modify the current partition of the drive letter. Ha, do you want to change the drive letter of the C-drive system disk? You will be warned, modifying the C-drive letter will cause the system to fail to start ...

Convert to logical: converts partition mode to logical partition. About the difference between the main partition and the logical partition, you can search the Internet, this is not discussed.

Change partional type: changed partition format, this is big go, fat16,fat32,ntfs,exfat ... Many and many, and this is one of the reasons that Acronis is the king of partitions. Of course, in the case of small, soft media, from security and support for large partitions, NTFS is certainly preferred.

Format : formatting, this format will not have to say more, but to format the system disk, it is a bit funny. Similarly, formatting the format of the partition can still be formatted in any format you wish. What the? Do you want to turn a section into a special format and put some XXX videos in it? And then use the specialized read partition software to see? You are so creative, you don't talk.

Browse Files: is to view the folders and files under the current partition. What's the use of this? Don't forget, if the partition you are viewing is a partition that Windows cannot directly identify and support, then you can see it with this! What the? Did you think of a special partition to hide xxx videos? It's your service.

Check : the partition is checked, just like the disk detection that comes with Windows. However, Windows comes with ScanDisk often prompts you to detect the next reboot, with Acronis do not have this problem, you can choose to automatically repair disk errors (fix found errors), you can also choose to automatically repair and label the broken hard disk sector (Try to fix Found bad sectors).

Defragment: Oh, and disk defragmentation ah. Well, uh, there are a lot of professional disk finishing software, Acronis disk collation than professional Disk Defragmenter software, the function of the missus is too thin.

The industry has specialized, acronis or partitioning is preferred.

All right, so here, Acronis Disk Director Home-page partition operation commands and two tools are introduced. Looked at the time, from the code word to, unknowingly and passed 3 hours. If this is the end of the day, you may feel that you have not done it, and look at the fourth part below.

Four, Acronis Disk Director Home Home Edition combat: Partition Sizing

Because the system disk (soft medium is a C-disk, Win7 system disk automatically defined as C-disk, XP system may not be limited to the system disk C) is the most representative, so, in this case, the small part of the C-disk as an example, how to the C-disk system disk in the Win7 system of the remaining space to increase or decrease. Vista and XP, Win2008, Win2003 all the same.

For the C-disk system disk, many user friends also have different needs, there are some C disk space is too little, need to increase. While some friends are using the brand machine, the factory unexpectedly only a large C disk need to build more partitions. With Acronis you will save a lot of things, Acronis can do the storage of all hard disk data on the premise of the disk (including the system disk) for the re-adjustment of the hard disk partition.

OK, we're going to start one step at a, click on the C drive in the partition list on the right side of the Acronis Disk Director home page, then select Resize in the right mouse button menu. Volume (Of course, you can click on the operations command inside the left sidebar to resize volume).

A resize partitioned form is then used to guide you in modifying the current partition size as shown in:

Inside the soft medium small series marked the text, you can arbitrarily specify the target size of the C drive, as long as there is available remaining space. So, if the hard disk partition is complete, the hard disk all the space allocated to each partition, what should I do?

You can tick the Append all unallocated disk space to the volume, and then the options below are not grayed out and you can tick take free space Frome another volumes, meaning you can Ask for their free space, are you smart?

At the same time, how much space is requested from other partitions? You're not going to come all the way? You can continue to tick and set, keep free space on every volume (%), for example, set to 10%, is to give other partitions automatically retain their space of 10%, is very human.

For example, after making the above settings, the small series "plundered" the available space from the other partitions, so that the C drive would be 51.93G usable instead of the poor 995K.

In this way, click on the left volume size there is an arrow on the right (oblique upward direction), you can just plunder the 51.93G are divided to C drive.

Then click on the "OK" button to proceed to the next step!

Here's a question, what if you just want to get the rest of the space from the specified partition, such as the E-disk?

Very simple Ah, first on the e-disk Select resize volume, the size of the e-disk to reduce 10G (for example), then this reduces the 10G will be allocated hard disk space, then the C-Disk resize volume, this 10G can be all added to the C drive.

Then, after clicking the OK button above, the main interface is returned.

What's the noise?

So, after all of this work, you have to click on the "banner" icon to really get to work. Look at the banner icon above the main interface, is it from commit to "commit pending operations (1)", which means to confirm the operation of a pending command. The reason for this is that you can do other things as well. After the other instructions, the 1 will become 2, 3, 4, etc.

In this case, just change the size of the C drive, you can click on the Commit button to start working.

Because it is an example, so the small part is no longer down, in the operation of the C-disk partition, some actions are required to restart the computer in the command line mode, Acronis partition action is very robust and safe.

Unconsciously, 4 hours later, small made no request, only hope that we continue to support the software company's Flash tour, Rubik's Cube, Windows7 optimization master, Vista optimization master and Cool point and other original software, continue to support Win7 home and Vista home.

If you have other questions about this software, you can post a comment at the bottom of this article, and the small part will be perfected and resolved.

Reprint of the user friends please keep the original article, thank you.

Non-WinPE to the C-Disk lossless expansion---partition of the King

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