Not all the windows are hooligans.

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Bomb-Window news in the domestic Internet service is not uncommon, real-time push the way to the site to expand coverage is very effective. In the center of the Web 2.0 era, although this "push" the way can be continuously for the site to bring traffic, but from the user experience, due to unpredictable, very strong interference, so also by a lot of users disgust, often seen as "rogue" behavior.

But think that all the windows are not attractive, then you are wrong.

The Wall Street Journal Digital version was quietly launched last month with a new feature-the window. Like all windows, it also appears in the lower right corner of the screen to show real-time market conditions. The small window space includes several tabs that allow readers to see stock movements and indices in different markets.

For now, the Wall Street Journal has a pretty good window effect. According to Nieman journalism Lab, the feature was online for only three weeks, gaining 200,000 PV from 25000 people. More importantly, the stickiness of this service is quite large.

"The interesting thing is that the average reader spends nearly 15 minutes, and if you look at the station, it's probably twice times the average," said Raju Narisetti, executive editor of the Wall Street Journal Digital. "I'm not saying that some people suddenly pop out and spend all their time staring at it, In fact, this form is meaningful to some people. ”

So why does the Wall Street Journal's digital version have a better response? In the premise of not avoiding the interference of the window itself, to reduce the user's aversion to interference, only from the content and personalized to solve. In addition to the No warning window, many users do not hesitate to fork off the window of the reason also stems from the news content aversion. For example, a lot of window news is very heavy, but many people do not have a cold. This is precisely due to the inaccurate positioning.

Unlike most of the window's contents, the Wall Street Journal window is extremely rich in data and is kept up to date, and most crucially for its target audience-investors, corporate executives, and financiers-have a strong demand for it, as Raju Narisetti said, "a group of people see the world through market and market data." "In addition, customization on the content is also out of the Markets, and users can tailor the" my "view to individual needs. Then the user is given the right to choose, and the reader can set the window size.

There is a window called interference, is a rogue, there is a window called Notification, is a tool.

Sina Weibo's web page last week unveiled a window feature for Olympic Express, which is as focused on real-time as the Wall Street Journal window, but how long can the window stay on the user's desktop?

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