Not all VMware Windows Vista x64 instances can be installed.

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I recently received a letter from Microsoft saying that some customers have reported that my software cannot run under Windows Vista x64, so I want to install Windows Vista x64. Because we have seen in VMware that it supports Windows Vista x64 before, we can start VMware and try again. As a result, VMWare prompts that my CPU does not support x64, then the Windows Vista x64 installer also reported that the machine is not 64-bit and cannot be installed. To VMware's website looked at it to know, the original VMware Windows Vista x64 support needs hardware cooperation, must be the following hardware (

  • AMD athlon 64, Revision D or later
  • AMD opteron, Revision E or later
  • AMD turion 64, Revision E or later
  • AMD sempron, 64-bit-capable Revision D or later (experimental support)
  • Intel em64t VT-capable processors (experimental support)
  • This is dumb, because my CPU does not support the VT technology, it seems that I have to engrave the disc and install it directly.

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