Not black Nokia they think Moe Meng Da

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It was not until Nokia was about to exit our horizons that the feelings of the Chinese were fully manifested. A Xiaomi employee verbally insulted a cut-off Nokia (China) employee on Weibo. By "national Husband" constructed forwarded after the public opinion encirclement. In the end, Xiaomi officials had to respond by opening the door to Nokia's former employees.

This is not the first time for domestic public opinion to reach out to the king of the former mobile phone. 2010 Yushu earthquake, Nokia donated 1.5 million to the disaster area, but the "almost bankrupt also so desperately" comic to spread the effect of the same as Samsung donated 60 million. Late last month. One "Today is Nokia's last day ... Dozens of of Nokia executives cry "crazy spread on fake news Weibo." Countless netizens pay tribute, even got the people's Daily and CCTV news and other official micro-blog re-announced.

In this state of public opinion. The fate of the black Nokia is conceivable. But why did Nokia lose the market but win the hearts of the people, just because the people are sympathetic to the weak?

"Smashing walnuts" left our memories.

For a long time, whether as the 08 before the infinite scenery of the intelligent machine Overlord, or as the 11 after jumping off the "burning platform" of the down-and-down nobility.

Nokia in the quality of the user's impression is consistent, concentrated performance as "can hit the walnut" word of mouth.

By the year 2013. Nokia Lumia has accounted for half of the world's total sales in Greater China, a much higher percentage than international brands such as Samsung.

Perhaps Nokia's obsession with product quality has moved the Chinese.

After all, in the last ten years. Chinese people have seen the downs of domestic mobile phones. But domestic brands in the eyes of consumers always stick to the label of questionable quality.

And such a dedication to product quality. On the other hand, it may be an untimely childish.

Nokia Meng Meng da

The first-generation IPhone, unveiled in 2007, does not appear to support 3G networks in Nokia, and has failed to pass its own drop test. It was not until 2013 that the former Nokia CEO, Mr Ollila, reflected on Nokia's failure because "the mobile phone platform was left behind by the U.S. mobile phone software, so it failed to withstand the impact of the IPhone."

The same was in 2013, when Nokia CEO Elop also dropped the iPhone in an interview to prove that the Nokia Lumia has better anti-fall resistance. The CEO announced that his own products had died in the year when it was nearly 100 million shipments, rather than buy time for their own transformation through price cuts and tinkering. This makes people feel very cute.

Lei June previously admitted in public that Nokia gave up Symbian to allow a very low-end user to turn to Xiaomi.

In 2011, a very many users of Xiaomi were ready to start Nokia 5230 and its successor.

Nokia's Moe is now in many other ways. For example, Mr Ollila believes that US carriers say more than $300 in mobile phones is unwelcome.

But the operators turned around and started selling $699 of iphones through binding contracts for $199. Nokia also kept secrets for Microsoft. Without telling Lumia900 users that they just purchased the flagship future cannot be upgraded to WP8.

Xiaomi employees are actually not wrong.

If you look at the micro-blog of Xiaomi employees carefully, you will find that they are telling the truth.

... Why are you dragged to a new job after being laid off? Their answer is basically the same: "Nokia is good." The treatment of foreign companies, pay high holiday more work less. Basically do not have to do, so reluctant to go before. "To these people I can only say. Sorry, millet really does not have such a good position ah!

Nokia has been like this for a long time. Employees enjoy good benefits and salary in a methodical manner. And no one in the boardroom has the absolute right to speak, and a few CEOs are flying professional managers, regardless of how well the performance returns are impressive. Elop returned to Microsoft and even received a hefty $25 million bonus.

Even Nokia's insistence on quality. can also be regarded as a kind of inertia in the unconscious state of the company's upper and Lower collective. This management method, before the Internet era, is to build a century-old shop only way.

But now facing the savage growth of the start-up companies or entrepreneurial companies, unable to mobilize staff and management creativity, and therefore everywhere passively beaten.

Finns are already aware of this. A large number of former Nokia employees for startups, let this 5 million people of the Nordic countries of the World Hand Tour Kingdom.

For the Chinese, this fact may take some time to digest.

Not black Nokia they think Moe Meng Da

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