Note: Add a new hard disk to Linux under VMware (Memo)

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1. Add a new hard disk to the Linux system through Vmware

2. Restart the Linux system and enter the fdisk-l command to view the drive letter of the new hard disk (usually the prompt message "doesn't contain a valid partion table" is displayed). Assume It is/dev/sdb.

3. fdisk/dev/SDB

Note the differences between extended partitions and logical partitions. After creating extended partitions, you must create logical partitions on this basis, otherwise, the "invalid argument passed to ext3 library while setting up superblock" error will occur during the formatting operation in Step 4 (that is, extended is selected during the first n operation, then we need to re-run n on this basis and select logical)

4. mkfs. ext3/dev/sdb5

Format the corresponding partition to the desired file format

5. Automatic loading upon startup

Create a load point: mkdir/mnt/xxx

Modify the/etc/fstab Partition Table file and add

/Dev/sdb5/mnt/xxx ext3 defaults 0 0

Save and restart.

(Note: If the partition table is modified incorrectly, the system will not be able to enter the Linux desktop system, but the system will enter the CommandLine mode. We can fix and change the wrong fstab in CommandLine mode, however, the CommandLine mode will be read-only file system by default, which means that any modification operation is not allowed, but you can run the Mount/-O remount command, RW to remove this restriction)

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