[Note] solve the problem of WINXP network neighbor login authentication

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Keyword:Failed to log on to network neighbors. The password authentication box Samba is displayed.


1. Two shared directories with different access permissions are set in WINXP on PC-.
Shared Directory allows login to users
Movie user-m
Game user-G
PC-B users access the shared directory movie with user-M identity first through network authentication, and then want to access the game directory as a user-G user, however, when you double-click the game directory, it does not directly prompt that you do not have permission to access the identity authentication dialog box when you first enter the movie directory. After that, you will not be able to access the game directory even if you unplug the network cable and connect to the game directory unless you restart it.

2. A colleague opened a Samba server, but the Windows server used// Linux-You can log on, but use// (IP address of Linux-)However, you cannot log on to another Windows server.


There are two methods
1. Windows XP's network neighbor function only allows users to establish a network connection with another PC at the same time, therefore, to establish a connection with another identity, you must first disconnect all connections established with the previous identity. This can be achieved using the net use command.

Net use
Connect or disconnect a computer from a shared resource, or display information about the computer connection. This command also controls persistent network connections. If no parameter is specifiedNet useRetrieve the network connection list.
(List the network connections currently established)
C:/> net use
Status local remote network
OK Z: // PC-A/Game Microsoft Windows Network
The command is successfully completed.

My sub-hosts// PC-A/GameIng to Z: disk, now I want to access PC-A's movie disk, so I will disconnect this connection first
C:/> net use Z:/delete (or: net use // PC-A/GAME/delete)
V: deleted.

C:/> net use
A new network connection is recorded.

The list is empty.

Then, the logon authentication box appears when you connect to the network neighbor of PC-.

2. In other cases, the net use check list is empty. You can ping PC-A but cannot connect to PC-A, or use// PC-Connection failure// (IP address of PC-)Can be connected, or the IP address can be connected, but the machine name cannot be connected. What's more, neither can be connected. In this case, it is likely that the WINXP user account password management issues, XP can record the login information when you connect to a network neighbor or some websites, such as MS, so that the next time you log on to the network neighbor or website, it will automatically use it for authentication, if you accidentally stored the login information of network neighbors and later changed the password, the above problems will occur, check (Control Panel> User Account> advanced> Manage password), delete the corresponding password, and log on to the network neighbor of PC-A again. This is the case in Case 2 above.


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