Notebook 0% available power is plugged in without charging what do I do?

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Recently a friend of the laptop encountered a strange thing: the laptop battery can not be used, plug in alternating current, showing that 0% of the available power supply has not been charged, that is, has been charged. Notebook for this, 0% available power is connected to the not charging what to do? This is a helpless problem that many friends of books may face.

  0% available power supply has been connected to the reason of not charging

resulting in a notebook battery, 0% of available power has been connected to not charge, that is, the majority is due to the aging of the laptop battery or the day-to-day care caused by, for example, a lot of friends notebook batteries, often use the battery to run out until the computer automatically shutdown, so it is easy to damage the battery

In addition, some laptop users, the notebook battery factory out, placed not, this will remove the battery to store up, will also be the loss of battery, resulting in poor notebook battery.

  So what if you encounter 0% available power and are not charged?

First check the notebook battery settings are, whether the battery charge is disabled, and some laptop battery management software also has a disabling charging function, you can check it, but also may be put too long no use to lead to where contact bad. Open the notebook to clear the ash, the power cord, battery unplugged, may also be resolved.

If the inspection settings are not a problem, then most of the notebook battery internal control circuit or the core problems, need to take to overhaul.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that some notebook batteries have been used for a long time, over discharge, resulting in 0% of available power has been connected to the not charging, later take to repair, even if the repair will also have a life and not long, it is best to recommend the purchase of a new notebook battery.

To purchase a new notebook battery should be noted, according to their own notebook brand models to choose compatible batteries, the best choice of original batteries, notebook batteries can be purchased online, such as x PO or x-Cat mall can be found.

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