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What caused the black screen of the notebook?

For the computer Black screen processing basically adopts the method of elimination, substitution, the principle should be in the first to replace the most suspicious of the parts. For ordinary computer users, the lack of expertise, you can follow the following steps to analyze the cause of the failure, so that you can do their own troubleshooting.

Below, let's take a look at the fault analysis away from the black screen.

Software-led black screen

1, sometimes in the installation of some software or hardware drivers, found that after the reboot, the computer can not enter the system, has been a black screen, this situation is the software caused by the black screen notebook. If it is because the software led to a black screen, the Windows system as an example, we can restart the machine, in the power-on when more than a few times F8 key, bring up the system's Startup options menu.

2. After the System startup option menu comes out, choose to enter Safe mode. If Safe mode is available, we can remove the previously installed software or drive in Safe mode from the black screen. Then restart the machine to see if the laptop can solve the problem of black screen.

Laptop black screen caused by hardware

1, notebook computer, there is an induction switch, when we close the screen, the display will automatically shut down, thereby saving the consumption of electricity. Some notebooks are mechanical touch, such as the screen is close to touch it, like a beginning with the sample disconnected display power. So this time, we can check the notebook on whether the switch is aging, not bouncing up, resulting in a notebook black screen. If the computer has this physical switch, it is usually located at the bottom of the display, near the top of the keyboard.

2, the hardware caused by the black screen, there are a variety of reasons. First of all, the reason for static electricity, sometimes lead to the notebook Board circuit abnormal, resulting in power on the screen, no response. We can try to remove the battery and power of the Notebook, and then press the notebook several times to start the power, so that the machine released static electricity. Then the power is connected to the boot, to see if the fault can be resolved.

3, loose memory or memory hardware failure. Notebook computer has several major components, including CPU, motherboard, memory, graphics card. These parts are indispensable, as long as one of the problems, will lead to the notebook can not be normal operation, the most common is the boot no response. CPU and motherboard Under normal circumstances, the probability of failure is relatively small, the memory loosening causes the notebook can not boot the situation is more common. Then dial off the laptop battery and power, if the computer is not difficult to remove, you can manually open the notebook back cover, reseat the memory. After plugging in the memory, then add electricity, start the machine to see if the fault can be resolved.

4, the notebook LCD display parts failure. There are some notebooks that have a long life span, and this may happen. Display components typically include displays, data cables, and other widgets. If you have a desktop monitor, you can try to connect to the VGA display on your laptop and switch the display to the VGA external display on your laptop computer. If you can switch to an external monitor, it means that the display parts of the problem is relatively large.

5, graphics card hardware failure, graphics card is responsible for all the computer display output source, so it has a problem, the screen is not see any display. If the graphics card is broken, we can not solve their own, only to find a computer after the sale of solutions. If the notebook in the warranty period, you can take to free inspection and repair.

Summary: In general, notebook black screen for a variety of reasons, for software and software caused by, we have the ability to operate, you can try. If not familiar with do not reluctantly, the proposal is best to find after the sale of professional treatment, more appropriate

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