Notebook computer interface of the easy fault and need to pay attention to matters

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In the process of using a notebook, we sometimes encounter the interface is not the case, most of the reason is that the interface has failed, what are the specific failures and how to reduce the probability of these failures,

Static electricity--damage to the notebook of the Shadow killer now we have a wide range of interfaces on our laptops, such as network interface, USB interface, 1394 interface, headphone jack and so on. And the interface is much, the problem also comes into being, the general fault phenomenon appears for the pin damage, the interface circuit burns, the port surface coating and rust, the main reason for these failures is the use of inferior plugs and improper operation caused.

First, let's look at the failure of the connector's PIN damage. This phenomenon is generally due to the insertion of excessive force or wrong equipment caused, so in the access to equipment, it is best to see whether the interface matching, if the process of access to feel the obvious resistance, you need to see if the pins are bent, so as not to further bend and make pins broken. If the pin has been clearly bent, you can use tweezers to turn it off in the state of shutdown, remember to turn off the machine first, otherwise the short circuit of the pins will cause the burning of the interface circuit.

Second, let's look at the situation where the interface circuit burned down. This kind of symptom occurs, one kind is the short circuit caused by improper operation in the case of the above situation, if the machine is not shut down. There is also a static electricity generated by the instantaneous current breakdown caused by. Specific protection methods you can refer to the "electrostatic-damage The notebook of the Shadow Killer," the article.

And for the port surface coating and rust this situation, is generally due to our books do not cherish the cause. For example, the interface encountered water or corrosive things or exposure and so on.

Because we can, as long as we pay more attention in daily, or can be very good to protect the interface of our notebooks. And the laptop interface is our communication with the outside of the bridge, without the interface of the laptop as a person without friends as lonely, so protect the laptop interface is also an important thing.

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