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Notepad++ is a very popular text editor, it is my usual addition to eclipse outside the most used editor, its shortcut keys, may be very few people to pay attention to its shortcut keys, in order to improve efficiency, special finishing the notepad++ shortcut keys.

1. Document switching ctrl+tab to the right of the document (of course, when the Document List menu pop-up, you can use the mouse for quick selection) Ctrl+shift+tab Ditto, just switch direction is left in any document press the right mouse button (press after not release), and then scroll the mouse wheel, You can quickly select a document

notepad++ Document Switching

2. Close the document: Ctrl+w

3. Find and Replace Ctrl+f Open Find dialog box (as you know) Ctrl+h Open the Replace and Find dialog box Ctrl+f3 find the next selected string (this is much more useful than ctrl+f) Ctrl+shift+f3 quickly find the last selected string

4. Text selection: Select text block by column: press ALT and then click the mouse and drag to see the effect

notepad++ selection of text text multiple selections: Hold down CTRL and select multiple text, and if you edit, you can edit multiple places at the same time (this feature needs to be checked on the set –> preferences –> edit –> Multiple-column edit "Start" (ctrl+mouse Click/selection) ", this feature is not enabled by default)

notepad++ Chinese Text Multiple choice

5. Lenovo Function CTRL + ENTER Word association, as long as your current document can be Lenovo Ctrl + SPACEBAR function name Association (due to the general and Sogou Pinyin shortcut key conflict, so will be invalidated) ctrl+shift+ space key Function Parameter association

6. Column editing mode

Column-editing mode is useful. He took advantage of the column to select the text block feature, after selecting a column block, you can directly on the keyboard to write what you want to write, so that you selected each row of the column to add the characters you typed, and each row added the same.

But there's a scenario where you might want to add an incremented number to the front of each line, which requires you to press ALT+C after you make a column selection, and then set the rules for inserting numbers.

notepad++ column edit to add incrementing numbers to each line

7. Edit Ctrl+d Repeat the current row (unlike the delete current row in eclipse) ctrl+l Delete the current line (remember) ctrl+t the current row and the previous line, but the cursor position is not changed ctrl+shift+↑ the current line to move up ctrl+shift+↓ the current line Move ctrl+g pop-up window, jump to the specified row ctrl+q Add or remove row comments (can be multiple lines) CTRL+SHIFT+Q add multiline comments Ctrl+backspace Delete the previous word or symbol ctrl+delete Delete the next word or symbol CTRL + Shift+backspace deletes the beginning of the current line to all characters at the cursor Ctrl+shift+delete deletes all characters at the end of the current line Ctrl+u all selected letters to lowercase ctrl+shift+u Convert all selected letters to Capital Letter tab indent Shift+tab reverse Indent

8. Font size

CTRL + Wheel Select a document, try to know

9. Code block collection and expansion

notepad++ code block collection and expansion

We all know the point. Expand the current node can be expanded, the point of the collection can be the current node. But one interesting feature is that if you hold down CTRL while holding down the dots, it's more practical and efficient to have all the child nodes in that node put away or expanded. Ctrl+alt+f the code block at the current node level (without affecting the child node) Ctrl+shif+alt+f Expand the current and EH single level code block (does not affect the child node) alt+0 put up all node code blocks alt+shift+0 Expand all node code blocks ALT + (1~8) 1~8-level node code block alt+shift+ (1~8) expands 1~8-level node code block

10. Multi-View

Click on a tab, drag to the middle of the document, and then release to see the menu that opens the new view (move and copy the view, the copy view can edit the same file in two views at the same time), and conveniently drag and drop between the two views.

11. Shortcut key Customization

If you find the default shortcut key inappropriate, or if some of the most commonly used editing or other functions do not have a shortcut, you can customize the shortcut keys in the "Set –> Management Shortcuts ...". As shown in the following illustration:
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