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notepad++ shortcut key Daquan
CTRL + C copy
Ctrl+x Shearing
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl+z Undo
Ctrl+y Recovery
CTRL + A Select all
Ctrl+f Key Lookup dialog box start
Ctrl+h Find/Replace dialog box
Ctrl+d copy and paste when line

Ctrl+l Delete When moving forward
Ctrl+t when rows move up one line
F3 Find Next
Shift+f3 Find Previous
Ctrl+shift+f a combination of files to find
Ctrl+f3 Find (volatil) next page
CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Lookup (Volatil) previous page
Ctrl+shift+i Combined Incremental Search
Ctrl+s Save File
Ctrl+alt+s Save As
Ctrl+shift+s Save All Files
Ctrl+o Open File
CTRL + N Create a new file
CTRL+F2 Toggle Bookmarks
F2 go to the next bookmark
Shift+f2 go to previous bookmark
Ctrl+g position line Wrap, offset
Ctrl+w Close the current document
Alt+shift+arrow arrow keys or
ALT + left mouse button click Column Selection
F5 Start the Run dialog box
CTRL + Space Input Method switch
ALT + Space program right-click
Tab Insert Indent
Shift+tab Delete Indent
Alt-shift-arrow or
Ctrl + mouse wheel button zoom in and zoom out
Ctrl +keypad/Restore the original size
F11 Full-screen Mode
Ctrl+tab Next Document
Ctrl+shift+tab Previous Document
Ctrl+shift+up the current line to move up
Ctrl-shift-down the current line to move Down
Ctrl+alt+f Collapse Current level
Ctrl+alt+shift+f Expand the current level
Alt+0 Folding All
Alt+shift+0 Expand All
ALT + (1~8) folding level (1~8)
alt+shift+ (1~8) expansion level (1~8)
Ctrl+backspace Delete Start Word
Ctrl+delete Delete End Words
Ctrl+shift+backspace Delete to row
Ctrl+shift+delete Delete to end of line
Convert Ctrl+u to lowercase
Convert Ctrl+shift+u to uppercase
Ctrl+b go to matching parentheses
Ctrl+shift+r start recording/stop recording macros
Ctrl+shift+p playing a recorded macro
Ctrl+q comments/Uncomment
Ctrl+shift+q Value Stream Comment
Ctrl+shift+t the current line to the Clipboard
Ctrl+p Printing
ALT+F4 exit
Ctrl+i Split Line
Ctrl+j Connection Line
Ctrl+alt+r reading from the right
Ctrl+alt+l reading from the left
Ctrl+h Open Find/replace dialog box
Ctrl+d Replication as Forward
Ctrl+l Delete When moving forward
Ctrl+t up and down row exchange
F3, find the next.
Shift+f3 to find the last
Ctrl+shift-f in the file for
CTRL+F2 Trigger Bookmark
F2 to previous Bookmark
Shift+f2 to next Bookmark
F5 Open the Run dialog box
Ctrl+space Open calltip list box
Tab (selection of several lines) add space
Shift+tab (selection of several lines) remove space
F11 Full Screen
Alt+0 Folding All
Alt+shift+0 Expand All
Ctrl+u into lowercase
Ctrl+shift+u into uppercase
Ctrl+q block annotation/Erase comment

F1 about Help

Key additions or adjustments to the cursor operation key:

Forward (ctrl+f), Backward (ctrl+b), previous line (CTRL+P), next line (CTRL + N)

Line Top (Ctrl + a), line last (ctrl+e)


Menus < settings >-< Management Shortcuts >

Modify in "Main menu" and "Scintilla commands".

Modify old shortcuts to avoid conflicts:

New-> Ctrl+alt+n

Position matching bracket->ctrl+alt+b

Find-> Ctrl+alt+f

Select All-> ctrl+alt+a

notepad++ is a powerful text editor on the Windows platform, the main feature is a soft, customizable, coupled with countless powerful plug-ins, fully capable of most of the work. As a programmer, it is an essential tool.

Features compared to Windows Notepad powerful many, but there is still a great deal worse than Vim,emacs, of course, Editplus,ultraedit is also a very good choice, but these two are charging software. Not described in this article. Installation configuration

Can manually go to the notepad++ plugin's official website download:

Notepad++ has the plug-in management tool, Plugins-> Plugin manager-> show Plugin manager-> avaliable A column displays the list of currently available plug-ins, select the plugin you want, Then click on the install below to automatically download and install. The list is the official endorsement of Plug-ins, good quality. Of course, you can also go to the Internet to download plug-ins into the directory.

Some of the features that are often used in software development are listed below. Bookmark Features

A bookmark is a special line tag that appears in the editor's Bookmarks Bar. Using bookmarks, you can easily go to the specified line, do some related operations, when reading a long file is particularly helpful, absolutely read the source code Good helper AH.

Clicking on the left column or pressing CTRL+F2 in any row shows a blue dot, which means that you add a bookmark, click on a blue dot, or press CTRL+F2 to cancel the line bookmark. The F2 cursor moves to the previous bookmark, and the SHIFT+F2 cursor moves to the next bookmark. Multiple views

You can open a second edit window in notepad++ so that you can view two documents at a time (or the same document). If they are the same document, you can quickly compare the two documents, or edit the document in two places without scrolling or bookmarking. This is very helpful for reading more than one screen source code.


That is, depending on the document language, you can hide multiple lines of text in a document, especially for structured languages like C + + or XML. The text block is divided into layers, and the text blocks of the parent layer can be collapsed, and only the first line of the text block is displayed. If you want to quickly browse the contents of the document and jump to the specified document location, it is quite useful. Collapsing a block of text (expand or collapse) will display the collapsed text block again. This is also very helpful for source code reading.

Collapse All levels: alt+0

Expand All levels: alt+shift+0

Collapse Current level: Ctrl+alt+f

Expand current level: Ctrl+alt+shift+f line positioning

Used to quickly jump to a row. Press Ctrl+g will pop up a dialog box, you can choose to enter an absolute line number jump or offset jump relative to the current line. Column edits

You might consider using column editing if you want to enter the same text at the beginning of each line, or add line numbers. For example, to move the cursor to the left, press the Alt+c, in the dialog box to enter the content or number to add and how it can be added. It will add the current line to the last row.

Another way is to press ALT + mouse click to edit multiple columns of functionality. You can now hold down Alt with the left mouse button to select multiple columns and then enter the desired character or edit it. For example, delete the line number of each row. Roll forward and roll back

Rollback back: Ctrl+z, Roll forward: ctrl+y. Block match

Select a bracket and press Ctrl+b to jump to the other half of the parentheses corresponding to it. The parentheses here include "(" and "{"). Color marker

is to use different colors to mark the content, use is to select the text to mark and then click the right button->style token, select a tag. You can also choose to delete the color tag remove style by clicking the right mouse button. Convert tab to Spaces

This is very useful for writing programs, the general project is not allowed to use the TAB key as indentation but use spaces, but the TAB key indentation is really very convenient. In the Preferences-> language page, you can choose to use space instead of tab, and you can configure a TAB key to replace several spaces. This can be very convenient to press the TAB key to indent, press Shift+tab for the reverse indent. Row action

Copy Current line: Ctrl+d

Delete Current line: Ctrl+l

Delete to beginning of line: Ctrl+shift+backspace

Delete to end of line: Ctrl+shift+delete display symbol

In the View tab, you can find the display symbol feature, which can be used to display spaces, tab keys, line-wrapping, and so on to facilitate editing, especially to prevent inadvertently adding a lot of unwanted space. Summarize

These are just some of the most commonly used operations, in fact the function of notepad++ is very much, especially the learning to use shortcuts can greatly speed up. Next you can learn the notepad++ user manual.

In addition notepad++ has a lot of very powerful plug-ins, skilled use of some of these plug-ins can greatly improve work efficiency. Please refer to notepad++ Front-End development common Plug-ins Introduction


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