Notes for upgrading ASP. NET MVC RC

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ASP. net mvc rc out, add and change content can refer to the upgrade document Linkid = 137661 & clcid = 0x409 and blog postsProgramI upgraded the program and found the following problems.

  1. Listitem disappears. You have to write one or use the web. Controls
  2. Change modelbinders. defaultbinder to modelbinders. binders. defaultbinder.
  3. Fileresult is added, so the original using system. IO; and the complete namespace must be added to the file class.
  4. Note the changes in views/Web. config and System. Web/pages.
  5. The form is changed to fieldset, but it is not so cool. We can attach a piece of css I added to make the form into our commonly used left and right type.
     Fieldset   P { Padding-left : 122px }
    Fieldset P Label { Margin-left : -122px ; Float : Left ; Width : 120px ; Text-align : Right }
    Fieldset P Input [Type = Text ], Fieldset P Textarea { Width : 400px }
  6. Set When HTML is passed
    <% @ Page validaterequest = "false" %>
    If no effect is reached, add the [validateinput (false)] attribute to the action.
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