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MBA students
Seeing that the conversation is coming to an end, Wu Yan still cannot find the right time to ask Zhao Haibo about his project. Therefore, Wu Yan had to ask: "Zhao Zong, you have read my project that you showed you last time. You have no better suggestions ."
Zhao Haibo seemed to have been expecting Wu to ask this question for a long time and said, "I think your project direction is good, but it is weak in the team. However, we are very sorry that we have already deployed a similar project, which is a recommendation shopping project developed by Alibaba. We will invest 60 million in the first phase, of course, several joint ventures. I also thought about integrating your project into that project, but that project is too watery and it is difficult to integrate your project into it ."
Zhao Haicang paused and said, "In fact, you may have some problems with the way you do things. You may be greatly influenced by the stories edited by the media. I think that an ordinary person has a good idea, then we will implement it, find VC financing, and finally go public. However, although this is true for some people, most people are completely different from this. They usually get started with VC when they have an idea or no idea, then I went to angel investment. After Angel Investment had the assurance that VC would invest in it, I was naturally willing to enter. In this way, I realized my thoughts through angel investment. Then VC invested heavily and Angel Investment exited, in this way, everyone is happy. If you implement the system first, and then invest in it, unless your project is very good and successful, many people are doing the same thing, and the application system is the same, no one is better than anyone else, so we will definitely vote for our acquaintances who have previously worked with each other, and the chance for strangers to get an investment is slim."
Zhao Haibo added: "In fact, you should have accumulated connections in the investment industry before you start your business. Because you have the technology, they have the funds, and they are complementary to each other, it is easier to become friends, however, when you have a project, you can find it again. both entrepreneurs and investors are more utilitarian. They only pay attention to investment and do not invest in it. This will not work very well. This is like falling in love. Natural acquaintance is definitely the best choice. once it reaches the dating stage, the success rate will be relatively low ."
Zhao Haibo makes a lot of sense. Wu Yan nodded in confidence, but these are all past things. The key question now is what to do next? Wu Yan was a little anxious, but he looked at Zhao Haibo and talked about it, and it was inconvenient to intercept.
Zhao Haibo suddenly turned around and asked, "What are your plans for the next step? Let's hear it !"
Wu Yan finally got a chance to speak, so he said, "I listened to my friend's suggestion and planned to take a doctor's degree in Data Mining at Tsinghua. In this way, I can use the platform of Tsinghua to call a mentor, launch the project through the startup contest or something."
After listening to Wu Yan, Zhao Haibo shook his head gently and slowly said, "I understand that Tsinghua University's entrepreneurial resources are mainly concentrated there, but do you have any of them?"
Wu nodded and said, "Yes, I want to test the computer system ."
Zhao Haibo nodded and said, "As far as I know, Tsinghua University is still very strict with doctoral management. That is to say, you need to do your best in academic research for three to five years, your interest is obviously not in research, so you will waste at least several years. Besides, the computer system and the management system are two different systems, and you may not be able to borrow the entrepreneurial resources of the management system. The cost of doing so is too high !"
Wu Yan thinks that Zhao Haibo's analysis is very reasonable. Indeed, Wu Yan did not think about these issues carefully before.
Wu Yan tentatively asked: "What do you mean is that to use Tsinghua's entrepreneurial resources, it is not a feasible way to test the doctor. Is there any better way ?"
When Zhao Haibo heard this problem, he leaned back on the sofa and touched his head. He thought for a moment and said, "In fact, you can meet Tsinghua EMBA students, they are usually successful people in a certain aspect, and they are looking for opportunities when they are doing an MBA. They usually have short technical skills and they are complementary to each other, if you can form a team with such students, your project will be ready to live."
Yes. Why do I have to go to my own doctor's or MBA? How did I not think of such a simple solution before! Wu Yan can't help but thank Zhao Haibo for reminding me. However, I am not very good at interpersonal communication. It is very difficult to get to know a Tsinghua MBA student.
Wu Yan said with regret: "This is indeed a good method, but I am not good at interpersonal communication and it may be difficult to meet MBA students in Tsinghua !"
Zhao Haibo smiled after listening to Wu Yan and said, "I personally think it makes sense to have an entrepreneur. I 'd like to share it with you. In the past, an entrepreneur made an electronic product to raise funds. We felt that he did not have the relationship and channel required for sales and asked him this question. His answer was: the product cannot depend on the relationship, your parents have a good relationship with you, but they may never be your customers, because they don't need your products, only those who need your products, in order to become your customer, our products can better meet the customer's needs, and we are confident to sell our products. In the same way, it is difficult for a person who will engage in interpersonal relationships to establish a complementary relationship with Tsinghua MBA in terms of ability and resources, because they are relatively high-end people, they will not make friends at will. However, if they can complement their capabilities and resources, they will even take the initiative to become friends with you ."
Wu Yan once again thought Zhao Haibo's words were justified and decided to give it a try. So I said, "What you said really makes sense. I should try it !"
Zhao Haibo nodded and concluded: "You should try it in many ways !"
After the conversation was over, Wu Yan got up and left. Before leaving Qingwei venture capital, Wu Yan paid special attention to their front-end MM. She was very young and beautiful, but she was the CEO of the Health 120 portal in the future. Wu Yan still had some questions and did not believe it, but time can prove everything. Let's see it three years later!
But how can I get to know Tsinghua MBA? Wu Yan first thought of finding the contact information of Tsinghua MBA students online, but soon found that this was impossible. Another problem is that Baidu Knows how to ask questions, but Wu Yan's questions are always unattended. Wu Yan also tried to ask questions on Weibo, but he did not get any useful information. It seems that it is much harder to get to know Tsinghua MBA than expected. Wu Yan cannot help but feel deeply.
In desperation, Wu Yan thought of Thomas, the founder of Angel Street, and asked him this question. As usual, Thomas soon sent a message to Wu Yan, saying: the contact information of Tsinghua MBA students is really hard to get, however, he inquired about the time and place of the Tsinghua MBA class. He suggested that Wu Yan wait for them at their time and place, so that he could have the opportunity to get to know them.
Wu Yan thinks that this is really not a good method. It is easy for others to chat with them outside the classroom. However, Wu Yan has no other way to think about it, I had to use this policy.
On the day of the Tsinghua MBA class, Wu Yan came to the class classroom two hours in advance and found a middle location to sit down. In this way, the most people can be contacted between the front and back sides, wu Yan figured out how to talk to these people. Unexpectedly, about 30 or 40 minutes before the class, a teacher suddenly came and checked the course permit. In this way, Wu Yan was rushed out. Then the teacher stood at the door of the classroom and checked the course permit of every incoming student.
Wu Yan can only stand outside the classroom and look at it. Wu Yan secretly entered the classroom and chatted with MBA students. It seems that no matter what the problem is. Wu Yan was in a hurry and suddenly heard someone say hello to himself: "Hi, Wu Yan !"
Wu Yan turned his head and was shocked. He greeted himself with a white-collar person who could hardly recognize him without looking at it carefully. He turned out to be Liang xiujuan, his hometown. Wu Yan hurriedly said: "That's a coincidence! I met you here !"
"Yes! Did you come to class? Why didn't I see you in the freshman list ?" Liang xiujuan was puzzled.
"I didn't come to class, but I happened to pass by here. Are you new to MBA this year ?" Wu Yan was embarrassed to say that he was still puzzled.
"Yes! Isn't it like ?" Liang xiujuan asked.
"No, no! It's just a little curious. How did you get the exam ." Wu Yan said embarrassingly.
"It's hard to say a word! I have the opportunity to talk to you again. I have to go to class first, bye !" Liang xiujuan hurriedly said goodbye to Wu Yan.
Seeing Liang xiujuan enter the classroom, Wu Yan can't help but regret it. There was an acquaintance, but he did not dare to say what he was doing here because of his face. In the future, it would be hard to have another chance. What should I do?
Yes, I am here waiting for Liang xiujuan to finish their class, and then ask her to introduce her classmates. After making a decision, Wu Yan finds a place next to the classroom to wait for their class.
In October, the campus began to fade in autumn, and the leaves had become pale yellow. A slight chill of autumn wind blew in. Several leaves danced with the wind and fell onto the ground, then, as the autumn wind danced on the wide forest-lined road, it was a fascinating autumn campus map.
However, Wu Yan was not in the mood to appreciate these beautiful scenery at the moment. He was waiting for Liang xiujuan to finish their class. The time was so slow. Wu Yan took out his watch and looked at it for the past half an hour, in desperation, Wu Yan walked around the campus's flower bed again.
After a long wait, the bell rang, and now Wu Yan's ears were exceptionally sweet. MBA students walked out of the classroom in twos and threes, and Wu Yan greeted them. Liang xiujuan walked out of the classroom with a slightly fat boy and saw Wu Yan at a glance. He was surprised and said, "Ah! You are still here. Won't you be waiting for me ?"
Wu Yan was a little embarrassed, but he had the courage to say, "Yes! I want to talk to you !"
"Well, we haven't seen each other for a long time. It's time to have a good chat !" Liang xiujuan said with emotion, "Go to the SHU Xiangyu square next to it !"
"Okay! No problem. I will treat you this time! Because I still want you to do something !" Wu Yan easily said.
At this moment, Liang xiujuan turned his head and said to her boys, "This is my hometown. Wu Yan. We want to have a meal. What are you doing? Are you going to join us? Please treat us together ."
The boy should also be in his third-year-old age. It looks a little fatter than Wu Yan. After listening to Liang xiujuan, the boy shook hands with Wu Yan and took the initiative to introduce himself: "Sun tianming! Shenhua technology marketing director ."
After holding hands with Wu Yan, Sun tianming said very cheerfully, "Come with me, Please treat me, no problem !"
Wu Yan also wanted to compete. Liang xiujuan then said to Wu Yan: "You don't want to compete with him. This time, you must let him treat him. If you don't want him to treat him, you just don't give him face ." He turned to Sun tianming and asked, "is it ?"
"Yes, yes. You must give me this face today !" Sun tianming followed Liang xiujuan's words.
After they sat down at shuxiangyufang, Liang xiujuan and Sun tianming ordered the food and chatted.
Wu Yan first asked me how Liang xiujuan became an MBA from Tsinghua University.
Liang xiujuan smiled and said, "didn't you help me pass my English a year ago? In this way, I have a diploma. In addition, my junior college completed three years ago, so my diploma came three years ago. Then I found an acquaintance and issued a proof that I have been a marketing director in their company. Then I applied for admission to Tsinghua MBA, in this way, I went directly to the MBA. I still have two years to join the National MBA joint examination. As long as I pass the examination, I will be admitted to the MBA. So now I have become an MBA!"
Wu Yan looked at Liang xiujuan's proud expression and admired how she had completed Tsinghua's MBA in such a short period of time. For a moment, Wu Yan was quite a bit confused about Tsinghua MBA. If Liang xiujuan and others were able to read MBA in an elegant place, would the MBA level be A little worse? However, this was just an instant. Wu Yan thought that the focus of the MBA program was on communication rather than academic matters. Liang xiujuan should at least better meet the requirements of the MBA program than herself.
Therefore, Wu Yan could not help but sincerely say, "You have been studying MBA and Tsinghua MBA for such a short time. I really admire you !"
"Don't be kidding. The system is dead, people are living, and there must be a solution. In addition, the MBA is designed to collect money. You only need to agree to pay the money and pay it immediately. That's all right !" Liang xiujuan proudly said.
"By the way, you said you still have something to ask for help? What is it ?" Liang xiujuan said, just as suddenly remembering something.
Wu Yan looked at Sun tianming next to him and felt a little embarrassed. However, today's opportunity is rare. It would be a pity if he did not come out of his way.
Wu Yanqing cleared the noise and said, "Well, my current project functions have been basically developed, but there are no teams. It is very difficult to raise funds, I would like to ask you to check if there are any suitable candidates. I am responsible for technology and market. I believe this combination will be quite competitive in financing!"
Sun tianming, who had been talking about it, immediately said, "What is your project ?"
Before waiting for Wu Yan to speak, Liang xiujuan said, "You are not interested in his project. If you have asked me, I will also ask !"
Liang xiujuan turned his head to Wu Yan and said with a little excited: "This is really great. We have to discuss cases in class. Many people discuss the case with their own companies. I am worried that there are no cases, you can send me a copy of your project so that I can discuss it in class! As for the partner, I will help you pay attention to it ."
Liang xiujuan, a partner, spoke very professionally. This made Wu Yan feel that reading Tsinghua MBA really has a magical effect.
"By the way, didn't you tell me that your website needs advertisement ?" Liang xiujuan asked Wu Yan.
"Yes, now we rely mainly on advertising for profit ." Wu said helplessly.
Liang xiujuan nodded and turned his head and said to Sun tianming, "Hi, aren't you responsible for marketing! How can I put your advertisement on their website ?"
Sun tianming said with difficulty: "if it is a website such as Sina or Sohu, it is reasonable to say that there is no problem. However, their website is not a well-known website, and I am sorry to tell you about it ."
"Sorry, you said that you are solely responsible for marketing at your place. Now, when something really happens, you need to explain it to others ?" Liang xiujuan said with a slight ridicule.
"No, no! This is mainly because I need to be responsible for the advertising effect ." Sun tianming said embarrassingly.
"I didn't let you all invest on their websites. In this way, you should first cast 100,000 to see the effect. Is that all right ?" Liang xiujuan asked.
"I'm afraid there are too many of them. Otherwise, I will invest 20 thousand first, so that I can decide soon ." Sun tianming suggested.
"You look at you, really stingy! That's all! After that, it's settled !" Liang xiujuan said with disdain.
"Line, line !" Said Sun tianming.
At the beginning, Wu Yan thought they were joking. After they finalized the 20 thousand advertisement intention, Wu Yan was really surprised that he had never made any sales, he did not expect sales to do this.
However, Wu Yan felt that there was something wrong with it. Liang xiujuan just said, "Come, come! Eat it, or the dishes will be cold !" It's hard to get rid of the topic.
After that, Liang xiujuan completely dominated the topic and chatted with Wu Yan. Sun tianming looked a little depressed, just to handle it casually.
After dinner, Sun tianming bought a ticket according to the agreement, and then the three men walked out of the hotel. Wu Yan walked in front of Sun tianming and whispered to Liang xiujuan: "Is this your new boyfriend? Are you too harsh on him !"
After hearing this, Liang xiujuan shook his head and whispered, "What, no! I just got to know my MBA. I 've been around for more than a month, so it's hard to get rid of it !"
This was the case. Just now, Liang xiujuan was playing a role. To let Sun tiens know how to leave, Wu Yan became the best supporting role. When thinking of this, Wu Yan couldn't help but smile.
Wu Yan reminded her that she would send the project materials to her as soon as possible, and hoped that Liang xiujuan would help her find a suitable partner from her MBA student.
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