Nothing can be blocked. My yearning for freedom-to programmers

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Summary: Every weekend, I want to be a free dumb and a young and frivolous dream. I can rob the children's seat on a crowded bus, you can look at the crowds outside the windows and think about the poems of Haizi. Of course, the high-end private cars are automatically blocked. But as a communistic practitioner, as a social person, we can only devote the demands of freedom to our profession. Can developers also become free developers and enjoy this special profession of unlimited seduce?

There are rich and fascinating propositions about freedom. However, if you choose a free career to escape from reality or pursue a higher quality of life, people who already belong to this group may not really understand it. The nature of the programmer's work, the required environment, and other factors make it possible to be a freelancer, and many people began to try to varying degrees, such as part-time business contracting, independent application development.

As a free developer, can we enjoy the following freedom as we wish:

Arrogant version-old Luo said, because of my high profile, they said that the tragic fate of these people is to see that I live better than them. Can we be arrogant.

Beautiful version-I have a house, facing the sea, spring flowers bloom.

Philosophical version-you can think about anything or do nothing. This is freedom.

Close to the real version-sleep to wake up naturally.

Of course, this is not the case. On the road to freedom, many people do not regret it, but they also have many setbacks, it may face problems such as less sleep, less communication, less communication skills, incomprehension of people around it, getting more and more out of the house, keeping up with the social rhythm, and living disorder.

It is necessary to separately describe the following points:

1. Bread Problems

This is a real problem. Not every new and free developer has no scrubs. You may be troubled by deposit because the product development and income do not meet the budget, or because the income source is insufficient, you may struggle to survive. Of course, the problem of the successful free developer is not very serious. They may not be rich, but they will not be poor.

2. Social Recognition

In the current social environment, civil servants and other free developers are certainly more popular with the mother-in-law than those suspected to be unemployed, and they will explain your work to your friends and family, and convince them that you have a good source of income.

3. Anxiety

Otaku seems to be prone to mental illness (only intuitive cognition, but nothing else). If you are alone for a long time, you need to master all the details and handle technical problems that you may not be good at independently, anxiety is inevitable.

Successful free developers enjoy control over their personal lives on the basis of better self-control, they may have more advanced technologies, more channels, better learning capabilities, and a healthier lifestyle ......, They enjoy more freedom than ordinary people.

I will summarize some suggestions for free developers. I hope you can have a more objective understanding and thinking about this special profession:

1. Control your own life and work pace

We should try to maintain a regular pace of life, control the arrangement of life and work, and make plans for both life and work. Drop procrastination, it will only mean that you enter the vicious circle, and thus abandon yourself.

2. Keep learning habits

Free professionals are enthusiastic about their work, not to mention new technologies and new hot spots in Internet development. Without colleagues working together, we must continue to learn through multiple channels.

3. Control your project expectations and complete the product

The cycle of independent product development is generally relatively long, and the completion time will be delayed even if we hold down the idealism, which may cause more problems due to the inability to complete the product at the end. Trying to add all the functions will only make them out of the reach of independent developers. The completion of products will have a positive impact on the economy and spirit.

4. Maintain exercise habits

Not to mention what the body is the capital of the revolution, good exercise habits for the elimination of anxiety, to maintain a good attitude of extraordinary significance.

5. Do not try to complete all work and outsource non-core work as appropriate

The successful completion of a product requires many capabilities, and you cannot be good at all parts. Trying to complete all work will only increase unnecessary workload and waste time, outsourcing non-core content to professional service providers may have better results. After all, a large number of developer services are being promoted by market demands.

6. Pay attention to social networking

People have inertia. If you do not communicate with people for a long time, it is very likely that you will escape communication and thus stay away from society. We often participate in social activities, such as technical exchange meetings, interest-based group activities, or even walking in the crowd.

Despite all kinds of bad feelings and concerns, the word "freedom" is enough to make up the most lasting temptation and attraction. When we are frustrated and depressed, we touch the softest part of our heart at every moment, the only difference is that I can be an emperor in my own kingdom, rather than a minor Minister under the foot of others. I just want to enjoy the richness of the world, or just to escape from freedom.

There is nothing to block, your yearning for yourself, your career, my heart is not concerned ...... In my heart, the free world is so far away. This weekend, you can feel free.

Nothing can be blocked. My yearning for freedom-to programmers

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