Notify blocking problem of Ace_reactor

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Today I heard a saying:

Ace_reactor notify may be blocked. Windwos and Linux are blocked by default when the message queue is full. Linux can be set to asynchronous, but when the Notify queue is full, the new signal will be lost, either asynchronously or blocked.

Signal Queue Length, Linux is the same as the number of file handles.

Today again Windwos test, when the signal is 1023 extra, the notify will block.

Linux under test ...

Windows test part of the code:

//T4l.cpp:Defines the entry point for the console application.//#include"stdafx.h"#include"ace/ace.h"#include"Ace/reactor.h"#include"ace/task_ex_t.h"#include"ace/sock_stream.h"#include"Ace/sock_acceptor.h"#include"ace/sock_connect.h"#include"Ace/sock_connector.h"#include"Ace/connector.h"#include"Ace/svc_handler.h"#include"Ace/os.h"#include"rapidjson/document.h"#include"Rapidjson/prettywriter.h"#include"Rapidjson/stringbuffer.h"classtestevent: PublicAce_task_ex<ace_mt_synch, testevent>{ Public:      Virtual intHandle_input (Ace_handle fd =ace_invalid_handle) {printf ("handle_input\n"); return 0; }            intPutq () {Ar_->notify ( This); return 0; }      Virtual intHandle_output (Ace_handle fd =ace_invalid_handle) {printf ("handle_output\n"); return 0; }      Virtual intHandle_exception (Ace_handle fd =ace_invalid_handle) {Size_++; printf ("handle_exception:%d\n", Size_); if(IS_SLEEP_) {Ace_os::sleep ( -); Is_sleep_=false; } ar_->remove_handler ( This, Ace_event_handler::except_mask); return 0; }  Virtual intHandle_timeout (ConstAce_time_value &Current_time,Const void*act =0) {Ace_time_value ATV (1,0);      Ace_os::sleep (ATV); //Ar_->remove_handler (this, ace_event_handler::except_mask);Ar_->cancel_timer ( This); printf ("handle_timeout\n"); return 0; }  Virtual intHandle_close (ace_handle handle, Ace_reactor_mask close_mask) {printf ("handle_close\n"); return 0; }  intOpen () {Size_=0; Is_sleep_=true; Ar_=ace_reactor::instance (); Ar_->register_handler ( This, Ace_event_handler::except_mask); Activate (THR_NEW_LWP| thr_joinable |thr_inherit_sched,1,0, ace_default_thread_priority); //ace_os::sleep (1);       for(intI=0; I <8900; i + +)      {          //ace_os::sleep (1);printf"opened:%d\n", i);      PUTQ (); } printf ("opened\n"); Ace_time_value ATV (1,0); Ace_reactor::instance ()->schedule_timer ( This, NULL, ATV, ATV); printf ("PUTQ Leave"); return 0; }  intSvc () {Ace_time_value TV= Ace_time_value (1,0); Ar_-owner (Ace_thread::self ()); //Ar_->run_reactor_event_loop ();         while(1)        {    //ace_reactor::instance ()->event_loop_done ();Ar_->handle_events (&TV); }    return 0; }Private: Ace_reactor*Ar_;    size_t Size_; BOOLIs_sleep_;};classServer: Publicace_event_handler{ Public:    intOpenConst Char*addr)        {ace_inet_addr ace_addr; if(-1= = Ace_addr.Set(Addr,strlen (addr))) {            returnAce_os::last_error (); }        intRET (ACE_ADDR); Reactor_=NewAce_reactor;  This-reactor (REACTOR_);  This->reactor ()->register_handler ( This, Ace_event_handler::accept_mask); return 0; } Public:    inthandle_input (Ace_handle fd) {printf ("Connector (%d) comming\n", FD); } ace_handle Get_handle () {return  This-Acceptor_.get_handle (); }Private: Ace_sock_acceptor acceptor_; Ace_reactor*reactor_;};classConnectinst: PublicAce_svc_handler<ace_sock_stream,ace_mt_synch>{ Public: Connectinst (): Timeout_ ( +)    {    }    ~Connectinst () {}Private:    inttimeout_;};classclient{ Public:    intOpen () {reactor_=NewAce_reactor; (REACTOR_); return 0; }    intConnectConst Char* Addr,intTime ) {Connectinst*Inst; intRET =connector_.connect (Inst, ace_inet_addr (ADDR)); }Private: Ace_connector<connectinst, ace_sock_connector>Connector_; Ace_reactor*reactor_;};intMainintargcChar*argv[]) {TestEvent* Te =Newtestevent (); Te-open (); Ace_reactor::instance ()-Run_reactor_event_loop (); Te-wait (); System ("Pause"); return 0;}

Notify blocking problem of Ace_reactor

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