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After a soft and hard bubble, the man on the left finally agreed to the request of Li yunxuan to visit the devil's view, and then took him to the northwest of Niangziguan. Then he led Li xuanxuan to climb a mountain.

"Dare to ask the director, can this mountain have a name ?" Li xuanxuan was always a lonely man, so he began to talk with others.

"Devil peak ." The Taoist replied briefly, without any nonsense.

"When did you leave the house ?" Li lingxuan did not care about it. He continued to ask.

The Taoist thought and replied, "1988 ."

Li xiaoxuan said, "24 years have passed? How big were you at that time ?" After talking about him, I thought in my heart: in 1988, it was the year in which the city of jizang received the death of Zhao 'an and Yu, and the year when the Xiao Zi left the city of jizang, the time is indeed quite consistent.

"The poor do have no parents.NativeOrphan. My family teacher raised me and grew up, so when I was very young, I had to leave my door ." The Taoist replied meaningfully.

"Is there anyone else besides the teacher and you ?" Li lingxuan continues to ask.

"As early as three years ago, the family teacher has become immortal. Now, he is a poor brother and a class owner. In addition, there are still poor teachers, right children ."

Li xuanxuan nodded, secretly said: No wonder the ghost, Lu Erxian do not feel any fairy, the original Xiao Zi died long ago. But he thought about it again. Since I have been in the temple for several hundred years, I should say that I am not old. When he thought of this, he asked: "isn't it a fairy to respect the teacher ?"

The Taoist replied, "When the family teacher was alive, it was indeed a magic. ." He paused and continued, "Listen to the senior saying that the son that the teacher sang before his death is the 16th chapter of the Tao Te Ching: the father and the enemy are the root of each other ."

Li xuanxuan no longer speaks, and continues walking toward the mountains with the Taoist priest.

A narrow treasure road suddenly appeared in front of the vision. I saw the treasure road covered with old wooden boards connected with rusty chains, giving people a very dangerous feeling.

The people on the left of the door stroked forward, and the wooden boards were squeaking. However, he is not changing his face and is obviously used to it.

Li xiaoxuan threw his tongue and said, "Do you have any other routes to go up the hill? This plank road is too dangerous ."

"Only this one ." The Taoist's answer is still concise and clear.

Li lingxuan had to step onto the board carefully and move slowly. Although the treasure road was only about ten meters long, it took him five minutes to pass.

People on the left side of the treasure road waited quietly, without any impatience. Seeing him pass through safely, he said: "after this, there will be only half of the remaining foot ."

"This will not happen in the future, right ?" "I can return it back just now, but now I cannot return it ."

After more than half an hour, they finally climbed to the top of the hill. Rao is a frequent exercise by Li yunxuan. When he reaches the top of the hill, he is panting. However, people on the left are as impatient as they are.

"Donor, we are here ."

Li xiaoxuan looked at the building, and there was a small Taoist view. Its courtyard walls and door panels were all worn out, and it looked like a hundred years of history at least. When I walked to the door, I saw a couplet on both sides and said:

What's behind

As a result, Li xuanxuan quickly thought of the sentence "in the Ming Dynasty's Shen Yang" linjiang Xian "," how many things have been done in ancient and modern times ". In contrast, Yang Shen's sentence shows a quiet and indifferent expression, while Yu's two sentences read a strange feeling: He put unexpected things into a joke, I don't know if he wants to express his arrogance or something else.

However, Li lingxuan soon forgot about the couplet. Because the Taoist courtyard is not big, he can see the statue in the main hall at a glance.

It is dressed in gold armor, and the same golden helmet is embedded with a dark beast face, with a green sword in its hand, and the sword is stabbed into the ground.

Li lingxuan breathed out a sigh of relief, and his heart was filled with a feeling of success: gold armor, Bi Bingjian, this God must be very without doubt; and the Devil's view is the clothing of Yi you.

He took out his cell phone and wanted to call Lu siyang. In contrast, he found that the upper left corner of the mobile phone shows "no service", which is exactly the same as when the iPhone 4 s mobile phone collectively broke out the "signal Gate" event at the beginning of the year.

"Is there no mobile base station on this hill? Why is there no signal on the phone ?" He asked the man next to him.

"The poor do not have a cell phone, and do not know such a thing ."

"Okay ." Li xuanxuan said with a sigh of relief: "It's over seven now. Can I stay here for a night? -- I mean, I can pay for it ."

"The master can be a Home Teacher's Zen Room, no need to talk about money ." The man at the left of the door owed a gift and said, "The donor himself is, when the poor path is missing ."

"Wait," Li yunxuan shouted at him and pointed to the statue of xiaoyou in the temple and deliberately asked: "dare to ask the director, which God is this God? Why have I never seen it? -- In other words, shouldn't Taoism worship Sanqing ?"

"The master is really considerate !" Suddenly, a loud voice came from the temple, and a Taoist shouted out. He looked at Li xuanxuan, and looked at the people next to him. He said, "Let's go to the left, Master brother. I will chat with this donor ."

"Yes ." I saw the door bow to the left, and then slowly walked away.

Li xuanxuan sent the door to the left and thought about the introduction to the Devil's watch before leaving. Then he gave a fist and said, "dare to ask, but what is the length of the door ?"

"Don't dare, just ask me to go to the door ." On the door, the Taoist bowed and said, "Did the donor ask this god? To be honest, the poor and the younger siblings do not know which god is there ."

"Oh ?" Li lingxuan paused and deliberately asked: "I don't know what the gods are, how can people worship it ?"

The Taoist blinks at the door and says, "Please forgive me and speak bluntly. The God in your heart is the God who worships God, instead of the mud or wood carvings on this platform, the so-called "Seeking for people is better than yourself" does not know what the donor thinks?"

Li yixuan secretly sighed at the door, but he still insisted: "If the statue is unknown, if you want to worship the God of Wealth, instead, worship the son of a mother-in-law. Isn't this a big slide across the world ?"

On the door, the Taoist laughed and praised: "The caster is a good debater !" After talking about it, I raised my smile and said slowly: "Xiaoguan was built by my family teacher. I waited for it now. However, my family teacher never told me the name of this statue ." Speaking of this, he looked at Li yunxuan honestly and solemnly said in a single word: "poor roads are family members, and family members do not speak ."

Li lingxuan did not answer his question and thought: if the old Taoist did not tell them anything, I am afraid they did not know much about it.

At this moment, another Taoist came over and said to the man on the door: "Good dinner, Senior brother ."

"Let's let the donor work together ." On the door, the Taoist turned to Li Xuan and said, "I don't want to worry about it ."

Li xiaoxuan thanked them, and then walked toward the temple. Walking along, I suddenly remembered the story of "Three monks have no water to eat.

At seven o'clock in the morning of June September 11, Li yunxuan climbed up from bed early in the morning. He tried to wash his clothes and prepared to greet the ghost and Lu. I was about to leave, but suddenly I was delighted to find that my cell phone had a signal. So he called Lu siyang.

"Xuan! Where have you been? I cannot call you either! Do you know how worried I am about you !" Indeed, as expected, Lu siyang began to face a burst of difficulties.

After she vented her breath, Li xiaoxuan said calmly: "I found the tomb of mauyou ."

"What are you talking about ?!"

"You and Uncle Yang come over. I am on a mountain in the northwest of Niangziguan, and it is called the Taoist view of the devil's view. You can inquire with the local folks first, so you should not be able to find it. In addition, my cell phone signal here is unstable, so I will not talk about it with you. If you cannot call me during this period, you don't have to worry. You will naturally see me when you go up the hill ."

"Okay, now I am going to look for the old goat. We are leaving now. You are waiting for us ." Lu siyang hung up in a hurry.

After an appointment for more than an hour, Li xiaoxuan vaguely heard Lu siyang call his name in the distance.

"Hey -- Xuan -- are you there --?"

"On !" Li yunxuan replied loudly: "That's it! Come here !"

Lu siyang was the first to enter the door, and she immediately saw the yarn in yellow armor in the middle of the hall. She looked pale when she looked down.

"He ...... That's him ......" Although she knew she was not the murderer, it was hard for her to immediately get out of that horrible haze.

Click it !" Even if the ghost golden goat in the same industry kneel down, the old tears, muttered:

"The Emperor, the old minister is here ...... Old Chen is late ......"

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