Novice related questions: About Smarty and thinkphp

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Novice questions: About Smarty and thinkphp
Learn the Lamp brothers even the tutorial to Smarty, later want to learn thinkphp framework. Ask is first learn smarty again learn thinkphp, or skip Smarty Direct study thinkphp?

Don't laugh at my problem is very small white ah, said the younger brother is not a computer professional, younger brother I was a liberal arts students, the university has studied political science and ideological and political education.
Learn programming to go a lot of detours, first learned a few days C, and then learned a few days of VB, and then learned a few days C #, until later to understand I want to learn B/s. Purely for the sake of interest, hehe.
I think we should learn smarty first, because Smarty is more interesting than thinkphp, and it is faster than a hand.
The second is to learn thinkphp not to first understand the MVC pattern?
And after MVC, you can also use the smarty that you learned earlier in the MVC framework.
and thinkphp after learning is not still learning ZF Yii or the like?
So that the learning path of the MVC framework can be connected.
First understand the MVC development pattern, and then actually write thinkphp code, so get started quickly, in the development process encountered problems in the one by one solution.
Since it's purely for interest,
Then there's no problem with the job.
Then suggest that you do not learn two!

Both Smarty and thinkphp are built to simplify application development, and they all use internal capabilities to hide the complete process of development
They are developed for experienced PHP programmers, for people without B/s development experience, is only a leaf trees

Although you can do the whole development with fiddling, you still don't understand why you're doing it.
Learn Smarty First, the official website has a Chinese manual, read it again, learn TP bar

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