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Site has been the webmaster are concerned about the problem, some sites do a basic SEO, with a reasonable update, plus the appropriate promotion, there will always be a good collection, but for some sites, search engines are only included in the home page or rarely included in the pages, this is what the reason? To know that the collection of bad directly affect the site's long tail flow, but also to a certain extent, the weight of the site, based on this issue, I summarize the attention of their own site optimization of several points, I hope to help.

First, can not adhere to a lattice hair outside the chain

I have a profound experience to express this view, always like to post on the forum, I hope Baidu can be included and bring a certain chain, just beginning also included, but after a period of time, found that a lot of posts are not included, or some even included, also not counted as external links, Search engines must know that a lot of webmaster posts are for the purpose of signing, is a manual manipulation rankings, so the weight adjustment is very low.

Second, the renewal cannot be irregular

If the search engine is accustomed to your update speed and frequency after then we must maintain this frequency, because for the new station, it's weight and trust is very low, there may be one or two of accidents will lead to snapshots and included abnormal, plus the site is in the study period, so sloppy. Sometimes the search engine response is very sensitive, such as often updated original, if the occasional collection of several articles, then included will be affected.

Third, the site has a certain external chain

The site has no external links, then search engine spiders will not crawl to our site, the corresponding, will not index the Web page, not to mention included and snapshots, so, want to include, you need to submit your website to the search engine, to do a certain outside the chain. The method is very simple, to Baidu know or stick, or some high weight forum to post, general several posts can lead to spiders crawl to the site. If you do not want to register the account, you can also buy the gree link to achieve, is a very good way, only need a very short time on the basic can let the site included.

Four, space can not often fall off the line

I summed up a method, that is, to buy two space, often do backup, if found a space open not normal, it will be resolved to another space domain, if restored, to parse back. Two space, one is the main, the speed is fast, and the spare one can be a little less, as long as can be opened on the line. Because sometimes the space trader handles the problem very slowly, often cannot solve the problem in one day, therefore does not have to do so.

Five, internal optimization avoid JS, flash

If you think that the top four points, the search engine will be very good to include your site, then you may be wrong. Another important factor is the internal factor, if your site has too many pictures, flash or JS, or frame, the surface looks very gorgeous, and the structure is unusually complex, then the search engine will be at a respectful distance, using a refreshing div is a good choice, should minimize the use of these elements.

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