Nrpe installation of Nagios monitoring (monitor host side)

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Nrpe is based on the correct installation of Nagios-plugins, nagios-plugins installation details, please go to:

[Nagios monitoring Nagios-plugins installation]

1. Dependency packet Detection

#rpm-Q xinetd openssl-devel

#yum Install xinetd Openssl-devel

2. Compiling the installation

Nrpe relies on nagios-plugins, so it needs to be installed first.

# TAR-ZXVF Nrpe-2.12.tar.gz

# CD Nrpe-2.12.tar.gz

#./configure \

--prefix=/usr/local/nagios \

--with-nrpe-user=nagios \

--with-nrpe-group=nagios \

--with-nagios-user=nagios \

--with-nagios-group=nagios \

--enable-command-args \


# make All

# Make Install-plugin

(The monitor side only installs this one plug-in Can)

3. Configuring monitoring

3.1 Defining Nrpe monitoring commands


Add the following on the last side:

# ' Check_nrpe ' command definition

Define Command{

# define command name Check_nrpe, use this name in Services.cfg

Command_name Check_nrpe


Command_line $USER 1$/check_nrpe-h $HOSTADDRESS $-C $ARG 1$


Note: This command line is written in exactly the same way as the Check_nrpe command, and you do not know how to use check_nrpe–h to see it.

3.2 Defining monitored host information


Define Host{

#引用主机linux-server Property Information, the Linux-server host is defined in the Templates.cfg file.

Use Linux-server

HOST_NAME nagios-linux #主机名

Alias Nagios-linux #主机别名

#被监控的主机地址, the address can be either IP or a domain name.




Define Hostgroup{

Hostgroup_name bsmart-servers #主机组名称, can be arbitrarily specified

Alias Bsmart servers #主机组别名

#主机组成员, where "Nagios-linux" is the host defined above

Members Nagios-linux


3.3 Defined on the monitored host to monitor service information


Such as: Monitoring the Load

Define Service{

#引用主机local-service Property Information, Local-service is defined in the Templates.cfg file.

Use Local-service

HOST_NAME nagios-linux #在hosts. COF defined in the host

Service_description Current Load

defined in #check_load要在被监控主机的nrpe. CFG, this command is available by default

Check_command Check_nrpe!check_load


Such as: monitoring disk (note to monitor the type and device number of the disk)

Define Service{

Use Local-service

HOST_NAME Nagios-linux

Service_description Check Disk sda1

Check_command Check_nrpe!check_sda3


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Nrpe installation of Nagios monitoring (monitor host side)

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