NServiceBus VS MassTransit is translated from stackoverflow.com, hoping to help those who are concerned about these two technologies,

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NServiceBus VS MassTransit is translated from stackoverflow.com, hoping to help those who are concerned about these two technologies,

Looking at SOA recently, there are a lot of materials available on foreign websites. I have found a comparison between the two frameworks on the Chinese website. Unfortunately, I did not translate them seriously, you only need to spend some time translating a version, and hope it will be helpful to friends in the technical field.

I am entangled in the advantages and disadvantages of NServiceBus and MassTransit.
Now I know some ideas, but these questions cannot be answered.
Here is what I already know:

  • 1. NServiceBus, which requires sequence, not free.
  • 2. MassTransit, which is open-source but lacks documentation.

NServiceBus appeared earlier. There are more references, which makes it difficult for MassTransit to find content about it, but I am a supporter of open-source ideas. However, I have to choose a reliable solution, so I need some help.

So I hope someone who has experience with these two frameworks will tell me why I should choose NServiceBus? Or why should I select MassTransit?
Is it about stability, security, scalability, or something else?

Respondent 1:
To sum up, the following is my point of view:
If you need business support, select NServiceBus. If you are used to seeking support in blogs and open-source communities, MassTransit will make a good choice. Developers are very willing to answer our questions.
If you choose MassTransit, now you need to select one from MSMQ and RabbitMQ as your Queue Server. If you need DTC, select MSMQ. If you need more functions and better management, select RabbitMQ.

Two factors prompted us to migrate NServiceBus to MassTransit in our project:

  • 1. MassTransit is free of charge.
  • 2. We like RabbitMQ


Respondent 2:
I have used these two frameworks. I used MassTransit for a longer time than NServiceBus. The following is my overview of the highlights of these two frameworks.

MassTransit is licensed by Apache 2.0 and can be used for commercial products for free. However, NServiceBus is not.
Technical support:
As mentioned in Udi, there are commercial support options for NServiceBus, but they are not available on MassTransit.
Transmission Medium:
MassTransit supports MSMQ and RabbitMQ.
Earlier versions of NServiceBus only support MSMQ, and RabbitMQ supports NServiceBus4 +.
Comparison between RabbitMQ and MSMQ:
MSMQ supports DTC (Distributed Transaction Scheduling), including a set of transactions that may run on multiple computers (e.g. SQL Server, Windows Service)
RabbitMQ has an outstanding management interface
MSMQ has existed for a long time and is a Microsoft product.
RabbitMQ is new, open-source, free, sponsored by VMWare
MSMQ is installed on all Windows systems by default.

Udi Dahan and MassTransit team members (Chris Patterson, Dru Sellers, and Travis Smith) are outstanding talents


Respondent 3:
As NServiceBus's original author, I obviously prefer to choose my own technology, so I will try my best to make it more stable.

Update: Now NServiceBus monitoring and debugging tools are available on the particle Service platform. These tools are available on your message-based system.
It is easier to create and run. In terms of technical integrity, I believe this powerful prompt and stable support in NServiceBus.
End update

In the early days, I tracked the development of MassTransit. I haven't paid so much attention recently, so I think both systems have their own concerns in the alternative ecosystem.

There are many communities around NServiceBus, so if you need help, there are many people here to help you solve the problem.
That is to say, MassTransit's core team has always been very good at helping people who ask questions solve their problems.

At NServiceBus, companies can purchase technical support to ensure that they can receive a response within 24x7 hours worldwide. I don't believe that the MassTransit team can provide similar services.

Offline, NServiceBus offers many public courses around the world. Many consultants install a project on site or participate in the problem. I have heard several companies decide to migrate from MassTransit to NServiceBus
The reason is that MassTransit cannot provide support from a person on site when they need technical support.

What I would like to say is that the NServiceBus licensing model can be flexible enough to adapt to any budget and display on most customer spectrum, which makes management reasonable. Of course, for MassTransit, the license is free.
I hope these words will help you.

Original article: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13647423/nservicebus-vs-masstransit

I'm struggling with a pros and cons list regarding NServiceBus and MassTransit.

Now I know there is already a thread in here, but it doesn' t really answer my questions.

Here is what I 've read so far:

NServiceBus is older, and has more references. it's hard to find stuff about MassTransit, but I'm open-minded. however I have to deliver a solid solution, and so I have to ask.

So please, someone with experience with both frameworks. Why shoshould I choose NServiceBus? OR Why shoshould I choose MassTransit?

Is it performance, security, scale or?

If I had to summarize, here's what I 'd say:

If you need your cial support, go for NServiceBus. if you're comfortable with using forums as a means of support, MassTransit is a great option. the developers have been very responsive to our issues so far. if you choose MassTransit, now you will choose between MSMQ and RabbitMQ. if you need DTC go with MSMQ. if you want more features and better administration, go with RabbitMQ.

On our project, we switched from NServiceBus to MassTransit for two reasons:

I 've used both frameworks. I 've used MassTransit longer than NServiceBus. Here are the highlights as I see them.


  • MassTransit is Apache 2.0 licensed and free for production cial production use, whereas NServiceBus is not.


  • As Udi mentioned, there is an option for your cial NServiceBus support, I haven't seen that for MassTransit.


  • MassTransit supports MSMQ and RabbitMQ
  • NServiceBus supports only MSMQRabbitMQ is supported in NServiceBus 4 +

RabbitMQ vs MSMQ:

  • MSMQ support DTC (distributed transaction coordinator) for transactions involving multiple processes on potentially multiple machines (e.g. SQL server, Windows Service)
  • RabbitMQ has an excellent Administration interface
  • MSMQ has been around longer and is a Microsoft product
  • RabbitMQ is newer, open source, free, and stored sored by VMWare
  • MSMQ is installed on most Windows machines by default

Udi Dahan and the MassTransit guys (Chris Patterson, Dru Sellers, and Travis Smith) are all brilliant people.

As the original author of NServiceBus, I'm clearly biased towards my own technology, so I'll try to keep this as balanced as I can.

Update:There are now monitoring and debugging tools available for NServiceBus through theParticular Service Platform which make building and running message-based systems much easier. with full technical integrity, I believe that this stronugly tips the balance in favor of NServiceBus.End Update

While in the early days I did track much of the MassTransit development, I haven't had much time to do that recently, so I'll assume that both technologies are equally good in their own right and focus on the ecosystem instead.

There is a larger community around NServiceBus, so if you need help, there are more people who can give it. that being said, the core group of MassTransit have always been extremely good at helping anyone who has issues.

With NServiceBus, companies can purchase support and get guaranteed response times on their issues-24x7, around the world. I don't believe a similar offering is available from the MassTransit guys.

From an offline perspective, there are public courses available around the world on NServiceBus as well as wide consultants who can be brought on-site to kickstart a project or to assist in case of problems. I 've heard from several companies that decided to switch from MassTransit to NServiceBus because they couldn't get someone on-site when they needed it.

I 'd say that the licensing models around NServiceBus are flexible enough to suit any budget, as the broad spectrum of MERs indicates, and can be well justified to management. of course, with MassTransit, the licensing is free.

Hope that helps in some way.

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