NTFS for Mac keeps your Mac external hard drive from being shut down

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Aragon NTFS Mac OS X NTFS is a low-level file system driver developed to address Windows and Mac OS X incompatibility issues, providing full read/write access to any version of the NTFS file system under Mac OS X. (Windows NT 4,2000,xp,2003,vista,7 and 8).

NTFS for Mac based on Paragon UFSD? (Universal file system-driven) technology, our drivers offer fast, transparent access to NTFS partitions such as the original Mac OS X, with very high performance (and even better performance for HFS plugins). MAC OS x programs can do the following without restriction on the partition-browsing content, reading and modifying files, copying and creating new files and folders, and so on.

Paragon Mac OS X ntf uses a generic binary version, including standard DMG disk mirroring and installation packages, which automatically replaces the NTFS of Paragon Mac OS X with the Mac OS X default driver (read-only).

Figure one: NTFS for Mac open Installation Interface

Key Features

1.  front High performance ntfs  transmission Express with the original HFS the same file system!  

2.  ntfs mac? os x ntfs ( windows pc >paragon by style= font-family " mac os x dedicated ntfs You can do it in mac os x full read and write access NFTS 

3. support Mac OS X Leopard,Snow Leopard ( 64 and bytes),Lion and Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite

4. Easy installation with user-friendly guide to install the driver

5. Load the NTFS partition as easily as the original partition- -no need to perform a specific name to access it, as long as the disk or other media connected to the nfts can be used

6. on Mac? created and repaired in NTFS partitioning with the hfs/hfs+ fully consistent in operating mode

7. Software Update Center. Get the latest update information and update it with one click. You can easily make the latest version of the software available.

8. files or folders other than Roman characters or languages: including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian

9. No maximum file / partition size limit (on Mac? Performance in OS X and NTFS )

Native support extended Properties

Figure two:NTFS for MAC use interface

Key Features

? no additional setup required after easy installation

?  Fast, transparent access to NTFS partitions under any Mac OS X

·? Advanced drive engine ensures operational reliability and stability under heavy duty tasks

·? Very high performance benefits from Paragon UFSD? Technology

·? Full support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion are all /c9>G4 and x86 Architecture

?    further support hfs+ file system   The continuity of the function guarantee data (posix  ,  hard link Span style= "Font-family:times New Roman" >,  symbolic link ,  data fork   and   resource fork ,  et ".)  

·? Further support for NTFS File system functions ensures data continuity (parsing, compressing files / partitions, last access time flag updates, etc.). )

·? Support Extended properties for Mac OS X

·? Support for non-Roman characters

Figure III: NTFS for Mac trial version

Support Media

 ?  High-capacity HDD

 ·? IDE, SCSI and the SATA HDD

 ?  SSD(Solid State Drive)

  ·? Thunderbolt, FireWire (i.e IEEE1394), USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 HDD , ZIP? and Jazz? Disk

  ·? PC Cassette storage Device ( All types of flash memory, etc. )

Simply say that the main role of NTFS for Mac is to determine the MAC system is incompatible with the problem, only installed on the MAC system, NTFS for Mac installation is very simple, just follow the installer prompts, step by step installation. For more NTFS for Mac use and NTFS for Mac installation issues, you can focus on NTFS for Mac official website: http://www.ntfsformac.cn/

NTFS for Mac keeps your Mac external hard drive from being shut down

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