NV graphics card Ubuntu14.04 software updates lead to endless login, but you can enter tty mode, ubuntu14.04tty

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NV graphics card Ubuntu14.04 software updates lead to endless login, but you can enter tty mode, ubuntu14.04tty

Note: This method is only applicable to computers with nv graphics cards!


If you are not able to find any method on the internet, choose to reinstall the video card driver and log on to the graphic interface.

First, you need to download NVIDIA corresponding graphics driver on another computer (windows system can also), do not know if you can use the command lspci | grep-I nvidia view graphics card models, web site for http://www.nvidia.cn/Download/index.aspx? Lang = cn. Download The. run file and copy it to the USB flash drive.

2. Insert the copied USB flash drive to the learning machine. Press Ctrl + Alt + F1 to enter the tty1 mode. The F1 to F6 are 6 character interface modes, respectively. The F7 is the graphic interface, if your USB flash drive is automatically mounted to the system, you can directly access/media/user/to see the file under the USB flash drive. user indicates your current user name, enter sudo fdisk-l to check if ubuntu has identified the USB flash disk. sda indicates the hard disk. Here, the USB flash disk is displayed as sde1 and is in the dev folder, then input sudo mount/dev/sde1/mnt, And the mnt under the root directory is what is in the USB flash disk. Here we can find the downloaded file. run file, enter chmod 755 xxxxxx. run and sudo. /xxxxxx. if an error is found in the run result, a prompt is displayed:

 ERROR: Your appear to be running an X server; Please exit X before installing...

When switching to the tty terminal, the graphical X-server is no longer relevant (Ctrl + Alt + F7 ). To install the N-card graphics card driver, you must completely turn off the original image X-server to continue.

To disable X-server, enter sudo/etc/init. d/lightdm stop, and then execute sudo. /xxxxxx. run will start to Install the graphics card driver. It will prompt you whether to continue the installation. Choose "continue", select "Install without signing", select "Yes", and restart the installation, log on and enter the password. Thank God.


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