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In the past, OEMs have activated Windows at the factory, so the user has acquired an "activated" open box experience as long as the OEM machine does not require excessive operation.

Today, WINDOWS8 upgrades the OEM Activation technology to version 3.0 to prevent the traditional use of analog OEM BIOS information to bypass the activation situation. Yes, this one must join the mechanism of online validation.

In the new OA 3.0 activation technology, a series of new technical details are used, and for the purpose of the technical discussion, we simply talk about the process of the new OA 3.0: (Details are inconvenient to disclose)

1. OEM manufacturers will get some of Microsoft's product key;

2. When the OEM manufactures the PC, it injects the acquired product key one by one into each PC's firmware;

3. The OEM manufacturer will produce a "computer manufacturing report" with a manufactured and injected key PC, which will contain the ID of the key, the hardware hash value, and other necessary information;

4. The OEM will deliver the computer manufacturing report to Microsoft, and Microsoft will bind the unique hardware identification information of each PC to the ID of the injected key, and write the service database of Microsoft Online activation service;

5. The user has purchased the new OEM PC pre-installed with genuine Win8;

6. The user turned on, and after a few hours, Windows tried to silently connect to the Windows Activation server through the network, successfully activating (without interfering with the user). If the network is not contacted, you will be prompted for a call to activate.

In fact, from Vista, Microsoft's activation has been upgraded to a new technical architecture level, the face of ordinary consumption of Windows boxed software users, only through the key to activate, no longer by replacing some local files and information to bypass activation services without affecting the health of the system. Just for the OEM PC or use the means of relaxation, in the factory has been activated. With the release of Windows 8, this situation has improved and the activation of Windows 8 is difficult to implement. Some of the previous activation methods on the Internet were made using a legitimate disclosure key, or an enterprise-class KMS server, or telephone activation for activation purposes, rather than a real hack for OA 3.0. However, on the one hand, the user should gradually realize the software intellectual property and its intangible value, legal purchase of genuine software; On the other hand, Microsoft and the big companies that have signed a legal deal with Microsoft should pay attention to protecting the property and avoiding the recurrence of similar leaks.

For OA 3.0, as you can see from the steps above, there may be some new problems, such as:

1. PC manufacturers eager to produce and sell PCs, resulting in users to the PC, the reported computer manufacturing reports have not yet been imported by Microsoft to activate the database, may cause users to receive key information is not valid prompts;

2. The PC manufacturer sent the wrong PC manufacturing report or the report contains two errors: "Hardware information-key information" One-to-many, Many-to-many. In this case, for the same key of the computer, the first activation of the recognized, after the attempt to activate the award received error;

3. The user's machine is broken and the OEM has replaced the new motherboard with no key information, and the user will not be able to activate Windows 8.

However, for the above situation, Microsoft and the manufacturer's customer service staff will help users to solve.

It is also more convenient to view the activation information in the system information in Win8 today, and for reasons that cannot be activated, the system also reports its detailed status and specific instructions (as shown in the red section below):

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