Obtain the 3DES session key value through CryptoAPI

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Go to: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/security/plaintextsessionkey.aspx

C ++ exception capture is not very good. If this code is used, try errors will be reported, so that original code can be copied directly.

#include <windows.h>#include <wincrypt.h>#define KEY_PAIR_SIZE     dwSize - 12#define SESSION_KEY_SIZE  dwKeyMaterialvoid main(){    HCRYPTPROV hProv = 0;    HCRYPTKEY hExchangeKeyPair = 0;    HCRYPTKEY hSessionKey = 0;    BYTE *pbKeyMaterial  = NULL;    DWORD dwKeyMaterial ;       BYTE *pbExportedKeyBlob = NULL;    BYTE *pbEncryptedKey    = NULL;    DWORD dwSize;    unsigned int c;    __try    {        if (!CryptAcquireContext( &hProv, "Container Name",             MS_ENHANCED_PROV , PROV_RSA_FULL, CRYPT_MACHINE_KEYSET ))        {            __leave;        }        //---------------------------------------------------        //Creating a session key. In this sample we'll use a         //3DES key with 168 bits        if (!CryptGenKey(hProv,CALG_3DES,CRYPT_EXPORTABLE,            &hSessionKey))        {            __leave;        }        //---------------------------------------------------        //Getting a handle to the Exchange Key pair        if (!CryptGetUserKey( hProv, AT_KEYEXCHANGE,             &hExchangeKeyPair))        {            __leave;        }        //--------------------------------------------------------        //Encrypting the session key with the public key part        //of the keypair. The first call gets the size necessary to         //hold the encrypted session key and the second exports it.        if (!CryptExportKey( hSessionKey, hExchangeKeyPair,             SIMPLEBLOB, 0, NULL, &dwSize))        {            __leave;        }        pbExportedKeyBlob = new BYTE[dwSize];        if (!CryptExportKey( hSessionKey, hExchangeKeyPair, SIMPLEBLOB,             0, pbExportedKeyBlob,  &dwSize))        {            __leave;        }        //--------------------------------------------------------        //Let's  remove the first 12 bytes of Blob information         pbEncryptedKey  =  new BYTE [KEY_PAIR_SIZE];          for ( c = 0 ; c < KEY_PAIR_SIZE ; c++ )        {            pbEncryptedKey[c] =  pbExportedKeyBlob[c+12];         }        //--------------------------------------------------------        //Now it's time to get the value of the session key, we'll        //use the private part of the key pair.         if (!CryptDecrypt( hExchangeKeyPair,0, TRUE, 0,              pbEncryptedKey, &dwKeyMaterial))        {            __leave;        }        //-------------------------------------------------------        //The pbKeyMaterial is the value of the key        pbKeyMaterial = new BYTE[ SESSION_KEY_SIZE ];        for ( c = 0; c <  SESSION_KEY_SIZE ; c-- )        {            pbKeyMaterial[c] = pbEncryptedKey[c];            }        //-------------------------------------------------------        //The key is in big-endian format, because that's the way        //the encryption block is built.    }    __finally    {        if (pbKeyMaterial ) LocalFree(pbKeyMaterial );        if (hSessionKey) CryptDestroyKey(hSessionKey);        if (hExchangeKeyPair) CryptDestroyKey(hExchangeKeyPair);        if (hProv)         {              CryptReleaseContext(hProv, 0);        }    }} // End Main

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