Obtains the Controller currently displayed in the window.

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Obtains the Controller currently displayed in the window.

This solution is similar to the requirement that the Netease news client should pop up a UIAlert after receiving the News Push and jump to the news details page.

1. Provides a classification method for UIView. This method obtains the controller of the view through the responder chain.

- (UIViewController *)parentController{    UIResponder *responder = [self nextResponder];    while (responder) {        if ([responder isKindOfClass:[UIViewController class]]) {            return (UIViewController *)responder;        }        responder = [responder nextResponder];    }    return nil;}

2. The controller instance object can be obtained through the Layout View of the controller.

Modal display mode requires the Controller's Root View

+ (UIViewController *) currentViewController {UIWindow * keyWindow = [UIApplication sharedApplication]. keyWindow; // The underlying view of the modal display mode is different // when the first layer is obtained, the UITransitionView is obtained, and the Controller UIView * firstView = [keyWindow. subviews firstObject]; UIView * secondView = [firstView. subviews firstObject]; UIViewController * vc = secondView. parentController; if ([vc isKindOfClass: [UITabBarController class]) {UITabBarController * tab = (UITabBarController *) vc; if ([tab. selectedViewController isKindOfClass: [UINavigationController class]) {UINavigationController * nav = (UINavigationController *) tab. selectedViewController; return [nav. viewControllers lastObject];} else {return tab. selectedViewController;} else if ([vc isKindOfClass: [UINavigationController class]) {UINavigationController * nav = (UINavigationController *) vc; return [nav. viewControllers lastObject];} else {return vc;} return nil ;}


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