OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation

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This is a high quality pre-sale recommendation of Computer class OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation ".

Oracle Certified Master (OCM) 's latest work, the OCA Certification exam official book, covers all OCA goals for the 1z0-061 exam.

Content Introduction

the OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061): Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation is designed to help readers prepare for Oracle Certifi ed Associate Oracle database 12c SQL Fundamentals I exam. Each chapter of the book provides challenging exercises, certification summaries, knowledge point reviews, and self-test questions to reinforce the topics covered in the chapter. This authoritative guide will not only help readers pass the exam successfully, but also serve as an essential reference manual for their work. This book covers all OCA objectives for the 1z0-061 exam, including:
retrieving data using the SQL SELECT statement
restricting and sorting data
single-line function
using conversion functions and conditional expressions
report aggregated data using grouping functions
displaying data from multiple tables through a connection
using subqueries to resolve issues
using Set operators
manipulating data using DML statements
Creating and Managing tables using DDL statements

As a translator

roopesh ramklass,oracle Certified Master (OCM), specializes in infrastructure, middleware and database architecture technologies.

Translator sequence

In today's society, the certification of IT industry can add a lot to your resume. Oracle certifications are among the most popular in many IT industry certifications. The Oracle Certification system includes the following three certifications: OCA (Oracle Certified associate,oracle Certified Assistant), OCP (Oracle Certified professional,oracle certified Specialist), and OCM ( Oracle Certified Master,oracle Certified Master). Among them, OCA certification is the basis for Oracle database administrators to take part in the OCP certification exam. Two exams are required to qualify for OCA: One is a traditional form of examination, the book is a book to help readers prepare for this form of examination, and the other is to take an online exam.
the OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061): Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation is a rare Oracle Certification exam guide that covers all the goals of the 1z0-061 exam and is designed to help readers prepare for the 1z0-061 exam Be familiar with the knowledge involved in the exam. This book is not thick, but it is from the most practical point of view to help the test taker. Each chapter of the book provides challenging exercises, a certification summary, a review of this chapter's knowledge points, and self-test questions to reinforce the topics covered in the chapter. One of the biggest changes in the book, compared to the previous one, is the new section: Understanding the relationship structure, including some real-world scenarios, data modeling, and entities and relationships. In addition, the book also gives a lot of exam advice, these are the author's insight and experience, carefully study these suggestions will benefit the reader.
The book uses the most concise language to convey the most valuable information, on the Amazon website has been very good reviews, sales are very good. As a translator of this book, I am honored to be able to bring this book into the country, so that more database administrators can read this highly practical Test Guide.
The most important experience in translating technical books is that the translation and reading of foreign technical books are very different. Reading foreign technical books and materials at work is a commonplace, but I realized after I started the translation work that I wanted to accurately express the original author's meaning, not to read it so easily. Not only that, this book condenses the unique insights of Oracle's certified Master Roopesh Ramklass, and I don't have the confidence to fully and accurately understand and express everything, even if I'm specialized in Oracle development. In order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the translated content as much as possible, I have consulted with our product development team colleagues on many uncertain parts during the translation process. Here I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to all the colleagues of our team.
thanks to the editors of Tsinghua University Press, they have put forward a lot of valuable guidance during the translation of this book, helping to ensure the smooth translation and publication of the book. All chapters of this book are translated by Guo Junfeng and are also involved in translation activities such as Kong Xiangliang, Chen Yuehua, Du Shiming, Xiangxiaolei, Caohan, Tao, Wang Tong, Fang Jun, cheating, Caoxiaosong, Jiang Xiaodong, Chiupetiang, Hong Yan, Li Lianghui, Gao Juan, Cao Xiaozhen, Chen Li. Thank you for that!
due to the limited level of translators, the translation process may have inaccurate content, if the reader in the reading process found errors and omissions, hope to be able to forgive, and welcome criticism.

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OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation

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