Octopus series of SQLite3 common commands

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Export scripts
F:\b2cshop>sqlite3 b2cdb.db dump > Test.sql

Import Script
F:\b2cshop>sqlite3 B2cdb.db < B2c-sqlite.sql

F:\b2cshop>sqlite3 B2cdb.db < F:\B2CShop\B2C-SQLite.sql

Create a database
Sqlite3 Octopus.db < Octopus.sql

Import Data Script
Sqlite3 Octopus.db < Octopus2.0_demo.sql

Sqlite3 Octopus.db < Octopus.sql
Sqlite3 Octopuscommon.db < Octopuscommon.sql
Sqlite3 Octopusmember.db < Octopusmember.sql
Sqlite3 Octopusorders.db < Octopusorders.sql

If you use a script to create a database: Then I strongly recommend using the UltraEdit editor to create a UTF-8 BOM-free script

Use this editor, not easy error strongly recommended, what EditPlus notpad++ are weak

Octopus series of SQLite3 common commands

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