OGRE 2.1 Windows Compilation

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OGRE 2.1 Windows Compilation

Windows 7 64Bit
Visual Studio 2012
OGRE 2.1

Ogre official launch of the latest OGRE2.1 version, link address:
The new version of Ogre made a lot of changes, from the official documents we can see that the authors of the ogre optimization and refinement. The official version downloaded from the link above does not contain the dependencies required for compilation (which has always been the case), so we need to download ogre dependencies.

OGRE Dependencies:ogredeps
Ogredeps works can be downloaded at the link address to:
These open source projects are very troublesome for various reasons such as licensing, there is no SDL in this download, so we have to download the SDL separately.

In the "source" page of the above link address, listing the dependency source code of the directory tree, open the "src" folder will see "SDL2" link, and then open the link, we will find in the new page SDL2 (in fact, it is difficult to find), as shown in.

Copy all the files in the extracted "./sdl-c3c3cdaf37f9" to the "./src/sdl2" folder after Ogredeps decompression.

Ogredeps Compile:
It is now possible to compile Ogre dependencies, first using the CMake to generate the project, in CMake's "where is the source code:" Input location, like this: "... \ Cabalistic-ogredeps-eb18d4651ec7 ", in the Where to build the binaries:" Enter the output location, like this: "... \cabalistic-ogredeps-eb18d4651ec7 \output "(The output folder is new, optionally specified), and then click" Configure ", select the compiler version (for example: Visual Studio 11.0), after the configuration is successful, the CMake outputs the text box will show" Configuring Done ", Finally click on "Generate" to build vs Project, the successful generation will show "generating done". As shown in.

After the above steps are successful, you can enter the "... \output" folder, open the. sln project with vs2012, and then select "All_build" to "recompile all", and then select "INSTALL" Project for "recompile" after compiling successfully. A successful compilation will generate the "Ogredeps" folder in the "... \output" folder, which contains all the dependent items required for all Ogre compilation.

OGRE Compile:
The compile step is similar to the above compiled ogredeps step (need to install direct X beforehand), just need to copy the above "Ogredeps" folder to the extracted folder "... \sinbad-ogre-51e90cec4c17"
(When I was building the project, CMake always needed a dependency in a file called "... \dependencies", but not in ogredeps, it might be my cmake configuration, and there's no way I can only tell you what I just copied here. Ogredeps "folder renamed to" Dependencies ", if you know the reason of the classmate, can be pointed out in the comments), as shown in.

When "Configure" and "Generate" are successful, they can be in "... \output" in the random. sln project, after opening the project or compiling "All_build" in turn and
"INSTALL" two projects, after the successful compilation of the project "Samplebrowser" set to "Start item", run to see the official Ogre example.


Because I did not install DIRECT3D11, the following error occurred in the run:

You only need to comment out the "#" in the "\output\bin\debug" folder in the profile Plugins_d.cfg "Plugin=rendersystem_direct3d11_d".
The results of the final run are as follows.

OGRE 2.1 Windows Compilation

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