Old computer Notebook installation XP process suddenly error black screen shutdown can not install the solution

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Due to the age of the old computer or notebook has arrived, in the installation of XP system will not be able to work due to the video card driver, VGA mode of operation will be all the operating pressure to the CPU, this is why we during the installation process fan sound suddenly become large (CPU temperature rapidly rising), Old computer due to the motherboard CPU and other electronic components aging problems, especially the resistance components, temperature rise, its resistance parameters will change dramatically, in the case of a certain condition, either the CPU operation error (this is the cause of the error), or the motherboard self-protection directly shut down (this is the cause of the sudden black screen shutdown).

Figure out the cause of the problem above, the solution is as follows:

1. Clean the computer hardware dust, troubleshooting hardware problems, while ensuring that the memory, hard disk is not too much trouble

2. Open the chassis, use a strong cooling fan and so on, to ensure that the installation process temperature is not high (this may be more than 90% solution)

3. If you have the professional ability, can disassemble the machine to check the line, the component is damaged (capacitor burst, resistance burns black, etc.)

If the above method still cannot solve, can make or download Netbook special system (including daily Internet Office Tools of WINXPE System), such system can through ghost directly into the system work, also avoids the normal XP system installation process time is too long, old computer can not hold the problem. Winxpe is actually the XP Embedded version, after entering the system can install the driver has improved the original hardware performance.

Note: Since most ghost systems simply simplify or automate the installation of the system, and do not cancel the process, the normal XP system is installed through ghost, usually still cannot avoid the above problems, of course, if you can install through ghost, I believe you will not need to understand the article

Old computer Notebook installation XP process suddenly error black screen shutdown can not install the solution

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