Old Joe's ten statements

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  • The difference between leaders and followers lies in innovation.
  • Being synonymous with excellence, many people are not suitable for environments that require outstanding quality.
  • The only way to make great achievements is to love your own career. If you haven't found a career that you love, keep searching and don't give up. Follow your own hearts and you will find them one day.
  • Not everyone needs to plant their own food, and not everyone needs to make their own clothes. We speak the language invented by others and use the mathematics invented by others ...... We have been using others' achievements. Using existing human experience and knowledge for invention and creation is a great thing.
  • In Buddhism, there is a saying: the mentality of beginners; having a mentality of beginners is a great thing.
  • We think that when watching TV, the human brain basically stops working, and when the computer is turned on, the brain starts to run.
  • I am the only one I know who lost $0.25 billion in a year ...... This is very helpful for my growth.
  • I am willing to exchange all my technologies for an afternoon with Socrates.
  • Living is to change the world. Is there any other reason?
  • You have limited time, so do not live for others. Do not be limited by dogma, and do not live in others' ideas. Do not let others' opinions influence your inner voice. The most important thing is to be brave enough to follow your own mind and intuition. Only your own mind and intuition will know your own real thoughts, and everything else will be secondary.

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