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The time for filling out this "man Tingfang" is the spring of 1998. It has been around for nearly 10 years. MAF! 


  Manting Fang You Huang Di Mausoleum The peak of the mountain bridge, the tomb, pilong silent silence 1. The vast amount of water is surging, giving us a great deal of wind ② . The first Chinese Cultural ancestor, building a bank, turtles, tigers, dragons and Phoenix ③ . Five thousand years, the soul of the nation, castingHuaxiaConsortium. Concise, calm head, silent forest path, eliminate the dark spring sorrow 4. Xuanyuan, the ancestor of the festival. Old things in China, word of mouth, Before cooper ⑤ . Let's look at the present, Chinese descendant, And let's write about spring and autumn. Note: ① Huang diling is on the pilonggang in the mountain of qiaoshan, HuangLing County, Shaanxi Province. ② "Qingshui Goldwind" is one of the "HuangLing eight scenes. The water phase of the Yellow Emperor was turned into tears of all the people after the day. ③ The landform near Huangdi mausoleum is mysterious. There has always been a saying around the land around huangdiling, HuangLing is in Longkou. 4. During the Tomb-sweeping period, bow to the Yellow Emperor's mausoleum and send grief to mourn the beginning of humanity. Huang diling has the largest cypress group in China, with more than 86,000 trees in total. ⑤Refer to the "Hong Kong regression monument ". Hong Kong's return to the S, the shame of a hundred years, and the power of China. Future generations should bear in mind the centuries-old humiliation history of modern China. The xuanyuan temple has ancient cypress for thousands of years. It is said that it was planted by the Yellow Emperor, known as the world. The crown of Cypress. The "Hong Kong regression monument" is on the north side of Cooper.


Word: mantingfang. As "Xiaoxiang Night Rain", "manting cream", "Tongxiang", and so on, there are pingyun and Xiaoyun, and there are several variants. Take Zhou (Bangyan) and Zhou (several) as the main bodies. Pingyun Tianyi: Double tune words, shangque ten sentences, four rhyme, and five rhyme in the last paragraph. (Zhou Ci "Wind old Ying young ")

Ping ping Yun) Ping (sentence) ping (rhyme) Pingyi (sentence) Pingyi (read) Pingyi Pingping (rhyme) Pingpingyuan (sentence) pingpingyuan (rhyme) Average (rhyme) average (sentence) average (rhyme) Even plain (rhyme) Pingyi (sentence) Pingyi (read) Pingyi Pingping (rhyme) Pingpingyuan (sentence) pingpingyuan (rhyme) Pingyun Tuji: a pair of ninety-five characters, 10 sentences in the front and back sections, and four rhymes. (The term "nanyuan blowing flowers ") Ping Gong Pingping (sentence)PingPingPingSentence)BytesPingPingYun Pingping (Yun) Ping PingPingSentence)PingYun) Bytes BytesPingPingBytesSentence)KaipingRead)PingYun Pingping (Yun) Bytes Sentence)BytesPingBytesSentence)BytesYun) Ping Sentence)PingPingBytesSentence)BytesYun Pingping (Yun) BytesPingyi District(Sentence)PingPingBytesYun Pingping (Yun) Bytes BytesPingPingBytesSentence)FlatRead)BytesYun Pingping (Yun) Sentence)PingPingBytesSentence)PingYun)


-End: By jrq 2007/08/04

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