On a wireless internet connection, but not on the net.

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Here are a few common reasons to troubleshoot the wireless network connection but not on the network and the corresponding solution.

First, check whether the password is wrong

Enter the wireless connection password, if the password is longer may be wrong password, so we recommend that you enter a password again. If possible, enter the password directly using the copy-paste method. When copying and pasting, be careful not to select irrelevant characters yo, add one or two spaces is the most common error.

Second, the wireless router has been and MAC address binding

In order to prevent others from rubbing the net, many home users have set up wireless MAC address filtering, but when the computer or wireless network card replacement, it will not be on the network, so you need to add a new MAC address in the router settings.

Third, the service set is completely correct

Checking the computer-side service settings, such as DHCP Client, Wirelesszero Configuration service does not start, can cause the wireless network to use abnormally. Where DHCP is not turned on, computers that use automatic IP allocation cannot automatically configure IP addresses.

Iv. whether the assigned IP address is set correctly

Wireless networks use manually assigned IP addresses and DNS addresses, which are required to be set in the wireless connection properties under Windows. Windows and Linux are not the same, you can not set different IP addresses for different wireless networks, so when switching between multiple wireless networks, it is easier to use a manually assigned IP.

Five, the driver is suitable for the current network card

Most of this happens when you first use a wireless card, and if you use Windows 7, you will normally automatically download and install the correct NIC driver. However, in extreme cases, the download driver may not be suitable for NIC use, so it is possible to download the driver from the manufacturer's homepage.

Six, must the patch is installed?

Under Windows XP, you need to install patches to support WPA2-PSK encryption, so if your router uses this encryption and you haven't upgraded to XP SP3, install KB893357 patches.

According to the above steps to check, the wireless network can connect but not on the network of the problem can be basically solved, but there may be other reasons, if it is still unable to solve the problem then please follow the following steps to check and repair

Automatic repair of network connection settings by system

1, if the notebook desktop in the lower right corner of the wireless indication if the following exclamation point appears, the network is not functioning properly.

2, according to the right key wireless instructions, open the network and Sharing Center, see Windows 7 in the Network diagnostics when judged as, unrecognized network but can connect!

3, click which Red Fork to let the system automatically detect the problem reason

4, appear the system test report to let the system repair automatically

Repair network connections with an automatically obtained IP address

If you can detect and repair the fault here is the best, but if the repair system, still can not surf the internet, then we go back to the network and Sharing Center, to find the Change wireless network card properties, and right button wireless network card properties.

1, find the IPV4 agreement.

2, the current network is a manually configured IP address.

3, the change is set to automatically obtain the IP address.

If you follow the above steps to check, in addition to individual extreme situation wireless network connection but not on the network of the problem can be solved basically!

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