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Graphic designers have always believed that they are the design of the real. Everything else is concubine. Web design is also in this column. They see "design" two words more than their father. Feel that their works are authentic eldest son, absolutely allow no one said on the slightest, if you say, will always fall a "do not understand the design" of the word. So, you want to use the word "design" for a use, of course they are not happy. How can concubine sit in his wife's seat?

In fact, this can not blame them all. No amazing works out, it is the fundamental reason why web designers can't be wives. Many so-called web designers, even their own thought to do the Web page is "page layout", others do not think it is inevitable. 80% of companies recruiting web designers have almost invariably emphasized how to skillfully use the "web of the Three Musketeers". In fact, "the Web of the Three Musketeers" itself is an irresponsible title, when changed to "Web Three Swords" is. Because the software is only a tool in the end, and the swordsman is at least human. Even more than 2000 years ago to win the government all know that the highest level of fencing is "the hands of No sword, no sword in mind," and intelligent modern people are obstinately put the cart before the horse, take a "sword" must be called "swordsman", called a laughed.

Web designers from the beginning, is the third category of people. They know more about code than graphic designers; they know a bit more about design than programmers do; sometimes they do some animation. But the poor thing is that graphic designers feel they are insulting the design; programmers feel they are insulting programming; It is not easy to be a wife if you are born so humble.

Because the status is always humble, so the name also has a lot of. What "Web Design", "Web Page system", "Website development", "Do Web", "Do website", "website development Engineer" and so on. It's like a maid at home, you can call him by name. If you are a rich and powerful person, you have to ponder over a long day for a suitable address.

Web design should have more thinking in the inside, each element is a reflection of the offspring, rather than casual embellishment. Of course, the emotional eruption is also essential, because she is art, is commercialized the art, the art of technology. If a customer determines that web design is a simple and can not be simple typesetting, then let them go to the print department a minute can knock 200 words of little girl to do it. Because, we--to the web designer to justify!

Author: wooden son Li

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