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Recently, two good Chinese blog Chrome fans and Ruan one peak blog Google AdSense account was shut down, Chrome fan after a complaint, its AdSense account has been restored, after the Nanyi AdSense account is also restored.

  Why Google doesn't explain why it's banned

Chrome fans say the real reason for Google's disappointment is that Google does not give any justification or explanation for the move to stop the publisher's AdSense account. Google does not explain the specific technical details of the closure is a reason, cheating and cheating is adsense a long-term and complex work, if Google to the publishers in detail to explain the principle of anti-cheating, it will undoubtedly lead to "while, outsmart" situation, prompting a great increase in cheating technology, Given this risk, Google can only take strict and confidential measures against its cheating system to prevent leaks, and most of the deactivated accounts are told to be "invalid clicks".

  Invalid Click and click fraud

An invalid click is a click that is likely to artificially increase the cost of an AdWords advertiser, which includes unwanted clicks that have no value to advertisers, and if Google can determine that the clicks are not from users who are genuinely interested in the ads, they will also be grouped into invalid clicks.

Click fraud is part of the invalid click, which refers to a malicious or fraudulent purpose click, in other words, is intended to increase the amount of AdWords advertising customer expenditure or AdSense publishers revenue by artificial means of click.

Google banned the account most of the reason is "click fraud" for a small number of "invalid clicks" Google can automatically filter, but if the long-term and a large number of "invalid clicks", it may be considered a "click fraud" Suspicion, this time the account is dangerous.

  Why cheating accounts will be disabled for life

Google AdSense policy is, once found that a user cheat, then lifelong stop cheating website account, even if the user changed the site, domain name, address, etc., as long as it was detected with the previous account has a connection, will be banned.

The reason Google does this is that Google is only doing business with people with integrity, a person who intentionally cheats on Google or advertisers, and then Google will never work with the cheater, much less to waste more resources, Also unwilling to compare with them cheating and cheating technology.

A person's integrity is suspected, is not a good business partner. It's just like when you play cards with other people, a person has been out of the game once, then you may never play cards with this person again.

  Google AdSense and Baidu Alliance comparison

According to the client revealed that the Chrome fan AdSense account accounts for about 1.5 dollars a day, Nanyi is 1.1 dollars a day, it does not seem to be much. But to be fair, for small and medium-sized sites, Google adsense the overall quality and profitability level is higher than the Baidu Alliance, a reason is that the proportion of AdSense is far higher than the Baidu Alliance (AdSense up to 68%, Baidu Alliance is less than 50%), Another reason is that AdWords advertisers more investment, which is the main reason for the technical reasons, Google AdSense has intelligent filtering malicious clicks of the ability, and Baidu Alliance is usually relying on manual treatment, inefficient, higher misjudgment rate.

Because Google AdSense has a strong statistical function, you can use technical means to the invalid clicks (such as those average stay time is very low and very high exit rate of the click) to automatically filter, so as to avoid the loss of advertisers, so advertisers are willing to use AdWords to advertise, and the current Baidu promotion for invalid Click has not very good filtering means, most of the direct ban on formal advertising publisher account number of ways, resulting in a lot of misjudged the situation, not only let advertisers lose revenue, but also let a lot of Web site publishers suffered losses.

From the content of advertising, Google AdSense and Baidu Alliance has provided a filtering of indecent or inappropriate advertising methods to avoid the site publishers of improper advertising, and the current other advertising alliances do not have similar functions.

  How to prevent an account from being locked

Although Google Adsense has a high technical testing capabilities, but still can not guarantee the possibility of being mistakenly sealed, a rigid rule is that the rules must be followed, do not ask why, do not try to challenge these rules, your technical standards will never compare with Google, This is the only way to ensure that the account is not deactivated basis.

The specific rules of operation include: Set up a "licensed advertising site", only display ads on their own websites, to prevent others from malicious changes in advertising code and put on other sites, do not click on their own Google ads, do not encourage others to click Google Ads, do not use pop-up prompts or automatic software installation , do not put Google ads on any site containing prohibited content, do not modify AdSense advertising code, and so on.

If you find that the site ad click on an unusual situation, you should promptly notify Google related personnel, and at the same time will be AdSense offline, in case Google AdSense removed, do not be overwhelmed, the relevant statistical data to Google, tell him you are innocent.

Finally, maintaining a separate blog in China, is a very difficult and hard things, the investment is very large and the return is very small, the regulatory authorities have no reason to write off your record, bloggers can only be bullied, face a strong Google, if they are wronged cheating, you need to actively complain to Google, As long as you really did not cheat, most of the complaints can be restored account.

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