On the evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of Baidu's bidding mode will change

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Recently, there is news that Baidu bidding mode is about to change into Google's bidding mode, which is an important message for users and optimization personnel. The following passage is a quote from a well-known SEO forum: "After 11 holidays this year, I went to work, found that the number of visitors to the phone is very small, check the key words Baidu bid, a lot of the top three pages of keywords have run to seven or eight pages, and then I Baidu bidding backstage, The original 9 key words out to 20 yuan, keyword ranking still can't to the first page, I was a bit puzzled, a look at the original quality of 4 keywords directly to 2, I am very surprised, what causes the keyword significantly increased, the quality of a sharp drop. ”

In this regard, my view is that the adjustment of the Baidu bidding mode is also the test phase, the most important is still in the late operation of Baidu for the user group and Baidu's own matching site optimization personnel configuration.

In addition recently there is also a more surprising phenomenon, in Baidu bidding, a lot of keywords, the original in the Baidu bid is left 10 positions, the right 10 positions, now turned to the left 3 promotion connection, right unchanged, or 10 promotion connection. I quickly search for other keywords, many have become the left 3 promotion connection, I continuously refreshed n times, only to appear on the left 10 promotion connections.

In the past, this should also prove that a user of Baidu bidding model may be adjusted to Google's model of concern is correct. In order to prove my own opinion is correct, also through their own relationship, call me Baidu Company A friend, is not 11 after Baidu to adjust the bidding mode, she said: No Ah, did not hear to adjust AH. I have observed the actual situation I told Baidu Consultant, I asked her when not Baidu artificial intervention, adjusted the keyword bid and quality, she said impossible. But still psychological instability, 20 consecutive days, are such a situation, Baidu should be in doing bidding adjustment.

Until this morning Baidu consultant call to me, said, Baidu bid after November 1 to change into Googel bidding mode, only to prove my idea of the city right. Baidu Adjust this 20 days or so, is to take our customers to do the bidding experiment, sad ah! The majority of webmaster friends, after the Baidu optimization will be a very big cake, for proficient in SEO technicians and promotion staff is a good news, unfavorable factors still exist, is likely to continue to increase the investment costs of enterprises.

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