On the restoration course of the title after 45 days after the site's right to be lowered

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There are many reasons for the site to fall down, but to find the reason for the site down right and let it recover, is a more difficult thing, the first one months of their own website has also experienced the fall of the power of Baidu, the original site snapshots are timely updates, keyword ranking is also good, although a year or so the station, but has a certain weight, The collection speed is also very fast. But happy not long, suddenly found a lot of snapshots back, the original snapshot is August 7, suddenly became July 22, keyword rankings also disappeared without a trace.

In fact, to see whether a website is normal, we can not only look at the snapshots of the site, included, keyword rankings, etc., can also use domain and site name for inquiries, the general drop the right of the site domain name or directly in Baidu to enter the site name if not in the first place, Then you can determine the weight of the site is very low or is down right.

In this 45-day period, every day is constantly observing the restoration of the site, today finally let me see the results, the site finally regained weight, the keyword ranking has basically restored the previous rankings, a full 1.5 months of recovery process, in fact, said it is very long and arduous, Not only in the content and the chain to add a lot of time to go on, but also the site title made a small change.

Will the title change after the site is lowered? This problem is believed that a lot of webmaster have considered; My site down right after the depressed at the same time simply bar the key words of the site changed, because the previous title feeling write is not very good, down the right after the hope to collect, after the changes in the major webmaster forum and Post posted, My site http://www.***.com down the right, modify the title will be K it? Some webmaster think as long as good to optimize, about one months or so time can be restored, and some webmaster think this is not advisable, the site is simply worse. From the point of view of the restoration of the website, I think it is helpful to restore the weight of the website.

The first is to find the site down to the source of power, generally speaking, Baidu will not be a good site down right, for my site down right, I summed up is outside the chain of the scope of the release is too small cause, because I mainly in the soft text release, so the construction of the chain number of growth is also relatively fast, A year of time outside the chain number reached more than 50,000, perhaps because of the changes in Baidu algorithm, less than half of the chain, because the release of soft text is a lot of reprinted, and what kind of site will be reproduced, analysis of the site outside the chain found by some of the Web site, 00xx reproduced, the soft text reproduced more, the repetition rate is bound to be very high, So Baidu Delete Duplicate article is also very normal, plus those who play the edge of the Web site impact, the site down right is very possible!

So I to the outside chain this piece strengthens the breadth the construction, the forum, the blog, Questions and answers, categories are not spared, and soft wen is only occasionally hair, and for the content of this piece also began to pay more attention, not like before casually make some articles in the finished, now the article is a piece of their own serious to write, did not do hundred original, But at least the false original enough in place, so 1.5 months of perseverance, finally let me see the results I want.

For the site down the right can go to modify the site title, or to change the title can restore weight? Personally think that this is not an absolute problem, the key is to see their own changes in the title after the measures and remedies, if the title after the revision, put in that such as Baidu's recovery that is unlikely, need to find the reason for the right to fall, Sticking to your plan will bring the site back to the dead. The article by me swims the net http://www.51t.com/original, the A5 starts, reprint indicates the article source, thanks.

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