On the Windows server platform, convert doc, pdf, and jpg files to FlashPaper of swf in a Web program (method 1)

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FlashPaper is a tool for converting files in other formats (such as txt, doc, pdf, jpg, and xls) into swf files;

This is a detailed and reproducible configuration for using flashpaper.exe to convert files in web applications/sites.

Previously, I found a lot of FlashPaper configurations on the Internet, and almost did not propose a complete method for repeated configuration.

This configuration is successfully tested on win server 2003 and IIS6 multiple times. It is unknown whether other environments are feasible.


Basic Software
1. FlashPaper2.2 program directory
2. Install Flash player10.2.152.32 (activex and plugin)
3. Initialization: Run "initialization. bat" in the FlashPaper2.2 program directory"
4. Adobe Reader 9.1 or 9.2 must be installed for conversion to pdf
5. If you want to convert to doc, you must install Word 2007

Configuration method
1. Check that the "Print Spooler" process is enabled;
2. Check whether the "Macromedia FlashPaper" printer is correctly installed;
3. Through local user and group management, add the Network service user (which must be queried) to the administrators group and execute the command iisrset to restart iis;
4. If the Word must be 2007,2003, the permission must be set in DCOM, and the conversion may not be successful;

If the problem persists, you may need to check:
1. Converts the read and write permissions of folders for reading and saving documents;
2. Printer permission;
3. Added the Aspnet user to the read/write permission;
4. Remote access to software such as word;

About templates
There is an interfacefolder under the Flashpaper installation directory. The defaultviewer2.swf file is the template file. Decompress defaultviewer2.swf. Generate a new defaviewviewer.swf and replace the original one. For example, removing a function, removing or replacing a logo, etc;

Test Method
1. First, we can ensure that the files can be converted directly to flashprinter.exe. At this time, we can confirm that the configuration of FlashPaper is correct;
2. Test the formats of .txt,.doc,#respectively. Conversion of one format is not necessarily in other formats. It depends on whether the application is installed and the access permission.

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