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For the new station, after all, is just on the line, no weight, no three no rankings, want to change the quality of friendship links that is a dream, unless there is considerable to the strength of good popularity. So for the personal station, the network resources are more limited, and a lot of stationmaster is not so willing to give you to do friendship link, after all, even contains not, so I think the new station on line, do not fantasize to find high-quality friendship links, unless it is to buy a link, but this is not practical, after all, once the link has ceased to expire. So, instead of such trouble is not as good as their own first to enhance the site weight ranking first, then for the new station, which is more worthy of the method? Today, Shunde Talent network to share several new stations preferred outside the chain release platform.


First, Friendship link platform

Friendship link platform is not only the old station to increase the chain of places, the same more suitable for the new station, after all, friendship links will not stipulate your site on the new and old, as long as there is a Web site submission, then it is inevitable to establish a suitable outside the chain. Of course, there is a small trick, the general new station to choose the link platform, note that the link between the snapshot of the platform and daily collection, because effective outside the chain is the search cited only to count, and if the link is not included in their own release, naturally said spider crawling Friendship link platform may be forgotten your link exists, Not included in the chain is not effective outside the chain, for the new station is quickly included without any role. So say, friendship link platform is a new station will be selected outside the chain release platform, as long as the attention to the snapshot of the new daily volume on the line, the other can be directly ignored, because their own site is the new station, take a shot of the factors are not, so do not mind each other so many requirements.

Second, Webmaster class query tool

Have seen a similar article to find outside the chain of resources, which specifically refers to Webmaster query tools can also do outside the chain. Of course, this is a lot of webmaster ignored the new station do outside the chain of places. Why webmaster Query tools can do outside the chain? First, whenever a webmaster inquires their own site will leave a history, and this historical record is equivalent to the link published on the Forum, the same effective. The second query tool has a certain cache, if this kind of query site collection quickly, then left the cache is also an effective outside the chain, of course, these for the old station does not have any significance, after all, the cache once cleared, but the new station is quite meaningful, can speed up spiders crawl into the site. Some of its three query tools have historically archived, like Webmasterhome, which has historically been archived, and this kind of external chain is stable for a long time. Therefore, the new station do not say that they have no place to send outside the chain, Webmaster Query tool not only used to query the site included snapshots, but also can be a new station to do the chain of one of the platforms, but for the new station, in fact, the first goal is to be included in the site, otherwise talk about what the user experience and so on is in the nonsense.

Third, the Forum of Strong correlation

For the new station, because it is three no personnel, so the first need to establish and search for the friendly degree, then do the chain when you need to let search lead to think of their own site by peer recognition. And the new station in doing outside the chain, be sure to choose with their own site-related strong, according to the author test, if you do the type of the site is the movie class and choose the Webmaster type of the forum to do outside the chain, which is very difficult to be included, if you choose to be related to the Film forum, then you can realize the day or the next days included, If you don't believe it, you can build a new station and try it. Outside the chain can let the new station fast and search lead to establish friendly relations, and the strong correlation of the chain so that the new station quickly have the same weight as the old station, so, in the new station to do outside the chain, the forum is a big choice, but must ensure the relevance, do not let the search for the site is to include the outside chain, And the correlation is strong outside the chain regardless of the new station or the old station are more than irrelevant outside the chain role. Therefore, the new station to do outside the chain of the platform to choose one of the relevant strong forum is definitely the preferred platform.

Iv. Question and answer platform

New Station no place to do outside the chain? No, in the chain, no matter the old station or new station, the most effective place is the question and answer platform, that can do outside the chain can also bring traffic. and webmaster often go to a few big questions and answers platform, such as Baidu know, search search ask, Sina love ask, Tianya question and answer, Youdao quick paste and so on relatively good question and answer platform. And I recommend Baidu know, search search ask, Youdao quick paste these three, because Sina love to ask is can send outside the chain, but the next day all was deleted, a little use is not, and Tianya question and answer is the same, so do not waste time on these two. As far as Baidu knows, in fact, there is a link in the question and answer there is a skill, that is constantly changing the URL, such as shortening the URL, microblogging address, blog reference, such as the probability of passing the audit is relatively large, especially the new station to use Baidu know to do outside the chain has a benefit, that is, the success Perhaps it is because the URL has not appeared, the administrator is a little more loose. and search to ask as long as the answer is not illegal basic can pass, of course, now the audit mechanism is strict, new station use search to ask to do outside the chain notice three to five on the line, many will be sealed extra also deleted links. So, in front of the new station, question and answer platform is to do outside the chain must go to one of the platforms.

Finally, Shunde Talent Network (www.sdjob110.com) summed up: for the new station do not know where to do outside the chain of problems, in fact, the biggest drawback is that the webmaster do not know how to dig. In the author's opinion, the network can do outside the chain of the platform is a catch, the key is that you have a good eye to find. Of course, for the new station, the early chain do not too quick success, should be based on a steady rise, after all, the chain increased too quickly will easily allow the site to be included in the speed of many delays. Whatever you do, slow and steady is the most effective and practical. This article is about here, the articles are original, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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