On the inevitable relationship between the advertising alliance and the credibility problem

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There are great problems in the integrity of China at any level, from Darling Harbour before closing the consumer card, to the KFC chicken guarantee No Sultan Red, we are not difficult to find the integrity of Chinese enterprises missing, recently I saw a lot about Google, the game day ads and a lot of domestic advertising league articles, more famous for the VERYCD webmaster The dash to Google open letter, there is a crossbow beast download webmaster to Google open letter, but read these articles are mainly think that the advertising alliance is apt to cheat on a personal site or to block the site or the payment of the money, more webmaster said he was wronged, Because the cheating person is his competitor deliberately.

Here, we do not talk about the specific cheating technology and the right to kill, I just want to talk about our personal webmaster, advertising Alliance integrity issues.

First talk about the integrity of the advertising Alliance, in fact, the integrity of the advertising alliance is divided into two aspects, one for the webmaster (release media), one is advertisers. Webmaster is the easiest to solve the most easily problems, the most easily because the ad League as long as the statistics out of the money paid to webmaster, I believe that no one will say that the advertising alliance is not honest, the most problematic is because the advertising Alliance for some reason to suspend or cancel payment, Such results are generally in the main webmaster forum can see the big scold Ad league post. In fact, I studied so many ad league operating mechanism, that most of the advertising alliance is still very responsible, can be done on time to pay the money.

The core problem of integrity or from our webmaster, sometimes have to admire the Chinese people's cleverness. Regardless of the advertising alliance model to consider a comprehensive, and then carefully, can have a way to cheat. I have been wandering in the major money-making forum and webmaster Forum, saw too much of the mutual point of association and cheating, but also saw too much because of cheating by the ad league blocked after the dozens-style intimidation.

Undeniably, the development of the Internet can not be separated from a large number of personal websites, but now many people do the purpose of the station is distorted, unscrupulous to cheat more money has become the first pursuit. The result is whether illegal, is not illegal, as long as the flow, I will collect, really do not flow, to find ways to cheat, mutual point, in short, as long as I in the Ad League account in the money to add on it. However, there is a causal cycle, advertising league is not a fool, such as Google has never manually interfered with the results of the search company will hand-processed Chinese results, will be blocked cheating personal site, not to mention the often hair of Baidu and a lot of money is not very abundant advertising Alliance company, however, the ultimate advertisers, In the discovery of advertising costs did not bring the actual advertising effect, the integrity of the entire industry will affect the development of the Internet, when the advertising federation does not receive advertising costs, the Chinese tens of thousands of personal web site survival and development will have problems, I believe hao123, Internet myths such as 9flash will no longer appear.

Admittedly, I believe that the webmaster of cheating will always exist, but hope, or is the desire, for yourself, for others do not cheat, honest money, so you can make more money.

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