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Sina Weibo has been used for more than half a year, because of its user resource advantages, the author has always insisted in Sina hair micro, but also has been enduring its problem-ridden user experience design. Recently made some small summary, hope to share with you, and hope Sina can improve its microblog page (PC side) user experience as soon as possible.

About Micro Blog release

A public secret?

The introduction of Google +, in the SNS domain so that "circle" concept into a hot spot. Micro Bo's instantaneous coverage characteristics are hot, but more and more people find that when they have been micro-bo sticky, it will be accustomed to the once in the "QQ signature", "Everyone Status", "QQ message" and other content moved to micro-blog.

However, users do not want all fans to see every post they have. For example, you want to say "I miss you" to my girlfriend, but I don't want to be surrounded by people from all walks of life. At the same time, each fan, also do not want their own stream, with their own no coherent "pots and pans" flooded.

So, just like life, we just want to say to the people concerned.

Sina's approach: to provide "public" and "private" two release options

Question: Who would like to publish on a public platform to "show everyone" or "See for yourself"?

Solution: Add group label options, implement for different groups of publications, support multiple selection.

Second, add the topic

Before I talk about specific issues, let me start by talking about my findings:

I browsed 100 posts from the first post in the stream, adding posts to the topic for 35%, and adding a post ratio of 0 to the hot topics provided by Sina.

Therefore, we need to make a clear premise:

Users think of new microblogging content, and then write the process will click on "topic" to see "Hot topic", so the emergence of hot topics, not only often guessed wrong (6 topics can meet 300 million users), but also interrupts the user's task flow.

Analyze the user's need for help with the topic:

1. Novice users need to know that Sina provides the "topic" of this function-"topic" button is necessary

2. How the Novice user needs to add the topic ——— > Embody "# ———— #" form

3. Mainstream users want to finish the topic faster add-–> for user input #

4. Most users would prefer to input the topic content-->sina to provide the hot topic, to the user publishes the operation, is the obstacle.

Solution: (Imitate QQ Weibo)

After clicking, there is no pop-up box, add #输入话题标题 directly at the cursor

Third, add pictures


1. Only local Dantu, local multiple maps, with three options, far from meeting user needs;

2. Dantu, multiple graphs of the option itself will increase the user unnecessary thinking; (Don ' t make me think!)


1. Add screenshot: (screenshot can meet most of the requirements, and wait less than upload)

Requirements: Screenshot of the window front, you can intercept the display of the current display of any interface; Provide graffiti function;

2. Add Picture link:

3. Remove the "single map" "Multiple" options, the default support for multiple graphs.

4. The effect chart is separated from the tab.

Diagram: (Visio made)

Four, increase the long micro-blogging function

Long microblogging function demand has increased significantly, many users have to use other tools such as "Micro-Bo Tong", Sina why not increase their own?

Five, add video

1. "Online video" changed to "video link", put in the first place, upload video second

Users are more used to add video links, who will often upload video from the computer? Time consuming and limited resources.

2. It is recommended that the "Share TV" module be deleted. Is the user's demand large enough?

Statement: The above suggestions are personal views, in fact, in actual work, it is necessary to conduct a large number of user research and web site detection.

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