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In order to save costs, Which one will you cut off by planting one in the travel news team?

Background: In order to complete the task of obtaining the scriptures from the West, a collection team is composed of Tang Miao, Sun Wukong, pig Bajie, and Sha monk. Tang Miao is a project manager, Sun Wukong is the core technology, pig, and Sha monk are common members. The senior leader of this team is Guanyin.

The composition of the team is very interesting. As the PM of the Project Manager, Tang Miao has a strong character and a high principle. He is not willing to give up without giving up his work. He is also well supported and appreciated by his superiors. (He was directly appointed by Tang Taizong, both for example, it is also given to the golden bowl. It is also widely supported and helped by the gods headed by Guanyin ).

Sha monk had few words and worked hard. He took on this stupid and boring job in the project.

Pig's member seems to be cool, greedy, and unwilling to work. He can hold down the horse at most. It seems that it is useless to stay in the team. In fact, his existence is still very useful, because of his cheerful personality, he was able to accept any comments without any pressure and assumed the role of lubricants in the project team.

The most important thing is Sun Wukong. Because Sun Wukong is the core of this team, but his character is extremely extreme, think back to his history of the sky, i'm afraid no one, as an ordinary person, will keep such people in the team.

So let's analyze: in order to save costs, we need to cut a team member in this team. Which one will you cut? Why?

Haha, this topic is very popular now. I will add a White Dragon Horse to it. Bai longma is more responsible for serving Tang Miao. The team plays the role of beebot. Tang Miao can work well and rely on beebot! Can the leader Xiaomi cut anything at will?

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